[ibogaine] animals, conscious and unconscious dreams(was ibo and near death)

CallieMimosa at aol.com CallieMimosa at aol.com
Fri Aug 20 15:19:47 EDT 2004

I can't relate personally as I have not been near death  BUT...
Charlie (my man) was on ventilator for 3 months after his car  wreck in 99. 
He has told me some of the dreams he had and they are so  deep......he can 
actually make sense of some and tie them together with his past  experiences and 
even the stuff that went on around him. I stayed at his bedside  as much as 
humanly possible and talked to him until I was hoarse at times. I  read him 
Silence of the Lambs, newspapers, bible and the Weekly World News! He  said he 
remembers me talking about Ed Anger, a pen name for one of the writers  at Weekly 
World News! hahaha! but back to point.....
He dreamed of dolphins. He felt he was drowning a lot of the  time and 
dreamed of water, beaches, waterfalls and ocean. I thought it was  probably the 
ventilator and the intubation tube but have changed my mind since  reading about 
your dreams of animals on Ibo.....bear, dragon and what animal was  in your 
visions Preston?
I think they do have significance. I think EVERYTHING you seen  has 
significance. You may not consciously figure it out but your subconscious  will at some 
I am really finding all of this so fascinating!! It is like  reading a good 
book or watching a good soap opera! Every time I sign on puter I  have another 
Thanks to all of you who are so honest and candid sharing with  us. It means 
a lot and is entertaining! lol!
Peace, Callie
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