[ibogaine] ibo and near death

D H dave at phantom.com
Fri Aug 20 13:40:52 EDT 2004

On Friday, August 20, 2004, at 06:45 AM, Preston Peet wrote:

>     I have recently read that there are notions that taking ibogaine 
> induces
> a near-death state. Any feedback on this anyone?

yes. I can relate. For me ibogaine was very much a near-death 
experience, that is, from what I've read about them and the 3-4 near 
death experiences that I had myself when I OD'd. I definitely left my 
body each time I took Ibo, well, my astral body anyhow. At the time I 
could literally feel my soul separating from my physical body. Since 
then, thru talking with a certain mystic and reading about our 
different "bodies", it probably wasn't my "soul" but my astral body. 
Not only did "I" leave my body but "I" left the earth and went back to 
'the source', which is a highly fucking cool, re-assuring, 
awe-inspiring and comfortable place to visit. This is the source of 
where art comes from. The seat of creation.

I felt that if I made the choice, I could have NOT come back. But, like 
my OD's, There was a distinct message of... "Like Dude, you have more 
work to do. Its not your time, YET" - spoken by that disembodied voice 
so many of us experience... higher self? ibo spirit? gawd? -whatever 
makes sense to YOU personally.

About 5 years before Ibogaine I had a waking dream (it may very well 
have been an OD-induced near death experience, I just don't really know 
but I was doing a LOT of smack at the time) where my two gaurdian 
angels came to me, in their blue luminescent glory, and basically let 
me know I had a hard road ahead, but whatever I do, don't give up, it 
will be OK and there will be "signs" along the way to give me hope. 
Little did I know one of the biggest "signs" would be in the form of a 
hypertext link in a notorious newsgroup called alt.drugs.hard. The rest 
is history.

A further note. There are many people who, unaware of ibogaine's 
anti-addictive qualities, identify it as the "astral travel drug". The 
day I came back from Europe and went to the methadone clinic to tear up 
my dose card in the clinic directors office... he asked what 
precipitated such a bold move. I mentioned that I had dosed on 
Ibogaine... and a gigantic smile erupted from his face. It turns out he 
had, with a group of other psychologists and shamans, used Ibogaine for 
astral travel -apparently there was a lot of Ibogaine experimentation 
in the bay area in the late 70's and early 80's. He was completely 
unaware of ibo's anti-addictive qualities, yet there he was an Ibo 
initiate running a methadone clinic. The plot thickens...


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