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Germán DC gcaldelas at fibertel.com.ar
Fri Aug 20 12:02:49 EDT 2004

you may note i´m not in a rush to detox, i´m not intoxicated, I love the
ways in wich gaia shows us her grace basically plants, I quit shooting coke
in 1986, but I send him all my money, so i´ll be pissed somehow in a short
time, but not now.
He was so kind that i really trust him (i´m still), eternity is One place to
stay so you can´t be looose for ever in just One place, -right?.
And more I have the strange feeling that in some ancient time we (the list?)
were creating a future in the future where we´ll be joning again to
So i may be accelerated in posting a delaying-in-the-delivery but i needed
the feedback.
thanks Patrick for your immidiate response.

so waiting for Indra.


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> On Aug 20, 2004, at 10:44 AM, Germán DC wrote:
> > well, i send my money, Gekko got it, he told me so.
> > now, one month later: web site (www.indra.dk) doesn´t link, e-mail
> > returned.
> > mmm, i.m starting to feel something isn´t right.
> > shouldn´t I?.
> > germándc
> Gekko is highly dysfunctional and wanders the Earth a lot.  What you've
> described ain't atypical, "I SENT HIM my MONEY and then, TheN, THEN he
> just VanIshED@#!@#!!!!!!!"  <Shrug>  He does that.
> "But I needed to detox tomorrow!  Not, whenever he gets back!"
> To reiterate, he's ... somewhere on planet Earth.  If the site doesn't
> link or is offline -- which happens -- it just means he's forgotten
> about it, and may not remember for a while.
> If he ripped you off, then you'd be the first person -- I am aware of
> -- it has happened to.  Everything else, is just ... what it is.  In a
> word: annoying, but, not intentionally malicious.
> If you're interested in Carl's "Indra" materials, you may wanna touch
> base with Sara.
> Patrick
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