[ibogaine] forget Viagra/Cialis (way off color update)

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Fri Aug 20 10:48:58 EDT 2004

Preston, let me ask you something. I remember when I was in jail and didn't 
have meth for a few days, though I was sick, it was easy to orgasm. In fact 
when I lied in bed, I would just come like a wet dream. Is this why your sex life 
is better now or is IBOGAINE itself affecting a change within you? If you're 
not sure why you're 'healthier' maybe Howard can answer this. I'm specifically 
interested not in the psychological differences in your life post Ibo but 
rather the biological/pharmacological differences from Ibogaine if there are any. 

                   One last thing Preston. I am happy for you as well as 
envious(not jealous) you have a great woman in your life. I think, for me, one of 
the most important things if not the most important is love and how that 
manifests in your relationships. Right now, it seems the only person(s) I really 
love are my daughters. That's fine but I need a woman to love and be with. Sex 
is....well suffice to say I haven't been with a woman I love or even like in,(I 
can't believe I'm saying this but I guess I need to get it out, it's 
festering in me like cancer...it really hurts!) 7 years. I feel like a fucking virgin 
again. I still need to orgasm two to three times a day which is not bad for my 
age and drug ingestion but loving and being intimate with a woman? Nothing! 
Maybe it will change after Ibogaine next week but for some reason, unless the 
'trip' deals with this aspect of my life, I doubt anything will change. SHIT! I 
sort of wish now I didn't say anything. I'm feeling like everyone is thinking 
I am really fucked up but of course no one would ever say that. People will 
say they understand and relate etc. but they can't because it seems like 
everyone or almost everyone is either making love to friends or has a person they 
love and is intimate with them. 

             Fuck it. If you could just let me know about ibogaine and your 
sexual drive that would be great. Love your woman like you do, it's really a 
fantastic thing to have in life.
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