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Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Fri Aug 20 10:09:14 EDT 2004

Sorry Jason,
    Any grant aps I'd be writing or might find myself writing are going to
be complete, one hundred percent bluff jobs.
Peace and love and great idea about going to Saras to record her ways.

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Any "how to
write a
profesional grant application"?
I'm trying to find the respectable way to get 4-5k to visit Sara to learn
her way and record it learning facilitation and focusing more on post ibo,
dialog afterwards, through words, sound, visual "art" or whatever.  But
first things first.  I thought you might be able to help.
Once I get a respectable grant application out, then I'll get that out to as
many as possible, travel mags, maps and friends, can you think of anyone
This work, it's too important to listen good before I act.  So any advice
you have is most welcome.

Be Well Brother,
Preston Peet <ptpeet at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
>I'd like to hear about the deadlines before they pass.<

You know something Jason, that occured to me too- why didn't I notice any of
the "apply to speak at this cool conference on any topic you'd like" notices
that must have gone out and about- right?- but I'm sure I didn't see one,
unless I accidentially deleted it, which with me is entirely possible.
When Jack Black did his "High Times Investigative Reporter" routine on
Saturday night live a few years ago, my girlfriend V and I were amazed at
how close he came- except I don't EVER wear tie-die. (NOthing personal to
those who do, but I, myself, don't. I think I might own something that looks
vaguely tie-died, but, well, I never wear it.) When he gets to the office
and sets up his tape to play, the one on which he's recorded the local
politicians discussing who killed JFK and the fi! elds of pot the feds are
growing and keeping just for them, the staff all gather around listening to
the tape- but no sound comes out. Black stops the tape after a moment, after
one of the staff something like, "there's nothing coming out." He says,
"oh," or something, rewinds the tape and punches play, again, only this time
without record. He's basically recorded over his secret taping of the
politician, and all we can now here is a voice, the staffer who said
"there's nothing coming out."
LOL, I myself have not only done similar things (like conduct an hour
and a half interview with DAvid Borden of DRCNet only to discover I was
using a non-working tape recorder and hadn't taken a single note, or when I
videotaped Ralph Nader for HT and reached up a few minutes into the
recording and turned OFF the microphone, thinking I was turning it on,
Nuther big LOL- I still got paid for that, amazingly enough) but I've done
the SAME thing, recording accidentally over some important interview or
Anyway, peace and love all, sorry this is so off topic.

peace and Love,

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Subject: [ibogaine] 5thConfzFilm0nLyn

Hi All,
I'm happy to hear all the reports, fucking awesome *;;*

Does anyone know Is the Conf going to be on-line? That would be suppa cool.
I'd like to hear about the deadlines before they pass. Any "how to write a
profesional grant application" type free books around? Or a list of
publishers, I know to start with MAPS, but who else, what about people in
film? Where is their contact info? Also, looking for some decent free video
editing software. Guess I'll p2p if I have to, but any suggestions are


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