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Jason Bursey jasonburseyiboga at yahoo.ca
Fri Aug 20 01:33:45 EDT 2004

my bad,
I recall now
I didn't mean for it to seem negative, just being silly
Treehouse Tarzan...what was that again? Was classic.  

D H <dave at phantom.com> wrote:
hell, I remember hearing about deadlines and i was in delete mode when 
they were happening.

I once saw Joseph cambell speak about Myths with Jerry Garcia & Mickey 
Hart on the panel. It was interesting...

yet I digress.

oh wait...

(<<< more good ibo music... Mickey Hart's stuff... like sound track for 
"apocolypse now"... ""Rhythm Devils"">>>)

I knew i thought of that 4 a related reason!!!


On Thursday, August 19, 2004, at 06:25 PM, Preston Peet wrote:

>> I'd like to hear about the deadlines before they pass.<

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