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>>I'd like to hear about the deadlines before they pass.<

Hey Pristine,

Here is the compilation of posts from April that included information on 
abstracts and scholarships for the HR.  The information was periodically placed on 
the list right up to the deadlines.


Hi Howard,
No problem at all. As long as we're all clear on where we're all coming 
from. See you in New Orleans if not before!

At 11:04 PM 4/11/2004, HSLotsof at aol.com wrote:

>In a message dated 4/12/04 12:35:18 AM, clear at harmreduction.org writes:
> >With regards to the 5th National Harm Reduction Conference, scheduled to
> >take place November 11-14, in New Orleans:
> >http://www.harmreduction.org/conf2004
> >Patrick Kroupa has been asked by HRC to put an ibogaine session together.
> >We're grateful that Howard is advertising the conference and we do
> >encourage people to submit abstracts.  However it's not clear to us what
> >Howard is doing with donations to the DWF, and he is not doing so on
> >behalf of any of us at HRC.
> >http://www.ibogaine.org/hrc04.html
> >Howard Lotsof is at total liberty to publish anything related to ibogaine
> >and the conference, that he wishes.  But it has absolutely nothing to do
> >with HRC, the ibogaine panel, or the conference itself.
> >Essentially there is no accountability to any donation given to the DWF
> >on
> >behalf of the conference.  However feel free to donate to the DWF if you
> >wish.
> >If you want to help get ibogaine activists, speakers and experts, to the
> >conference, you can donate directly to HRC and specify what you want done
> >with the money.
> >Allan
> >
>Sorry if my post in any way appeared to indicate that it was made on behalf
>of the HRC. It was made to announce the requirement to submit abstracts on
>ibogaine to the ibogaine list indicating that there is an April 30th 
>deadline on
>submissions to the conference. Any funds provided to the Dora Weiner 
>would be used, if they can be raised, to allow myself and two other persons
>to attend the conference, the number based on acceptance of abstracts and
>available funding. This would not be possible without direct funding to 
>scholarship information indicated only partial scholarships would be 
>and that they do not include transportation or hotels costs.   My hope was to
>raise the funds and not be a burdon to the HRC. And certainly I would not
>dispute your statement that funds can be given directly to the HRC and as you
>indicate donors can "specify what" they "want done with the money."  I 
>hope you
>have not taken offense at my solicitation and I hope this clarifies what the
>funds would be used for by DWF:  HRC conference attendance and the 
>and presentation of a brochure of ibogaine presentations made at the 
>of all authors who would wish to be included.  Thanks for your understanding.
>  If you have any additional concerns I would be glad to respond.
>Howard S. Lotsof
>Dora Weiner Foundation
>POB 10032
>Staten Island, NY 10301-0032
>dir tel, 1 718 442-2754
>dir fax, 1 718 442-1957
>email, dwf123 at earthlink.net

Allan Clear

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