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Fri Aug 20 00:19:38 EDT 2004

Myresearch has proven that mindvox and cannabis go great together, I
haven't gone through the whole thing in a while :) its perfectly

so is ibogaine.mindvox.com except after looking at everything here now,
it's living... it is like it hasa all this energy there that keeps
growing. its like entheogns meet the street, which is what you write
patrick. the images and art gallery is amazing. thank you. you and dave
should make it into a productor something, the cosmic 8ball :)

Here's what the cosmic 8ball called MindVox, see patrick I have started
capitilizing the v that shouldn't be out of respect ;) gave me tongiht.
how many of these are there they dont ever end thousands more? yes I
know what isn't in quotes are yours patrick and (C)(TM) dont sue me I
am only putting your own words back to your site! :)


cosmic 8ball tag lines for tonight

.. I Hate Grownups ..
"What Doesn't Kill Me ... Makes Me Stronger"
This is NOT the Summer of Love
'Scuse me, gotta go ... I have my Parole Officer hanging on a Meathook
in the Basement
Say...  Is there Anything Interesting in your Mom's Medicine Cabinet?"
Saturated with over 100mg/kg of Ibogaine per Inode
Do you Have a Warrant?
The Heroin & Hallucinogens World Tour
" ... All my Kings have Fallen Down / Broken Heroes Feed the Ground ...
"If, at first an idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it."
Now Featuring: Downloadable Opiate Plug-In!
Power Underneath Despair
Somebody Please Help Me ... I've Lost All My Molecules
MindVox Transcendental Enlightenment Temple / Heroin Maintenance Clinic
When All Else Fails: Try Crack!
" ... I Hate to Bleed . But it Heals my Pain ... "
At War with The Whole Entire Universe
" ... It's been my Death since I was Born ... "
Welcome to: Tranquillity Acres, Therapeutic Community
Space Ghost is NOT a Beta Carboline
Now Includes: Fully Integrated Messiah Complex
DSM-IV Simplified: (Please Select) [1] Completely Fucking Crazy, or [2]
Full of Shit.
The Last Gathering of The Usual Suspects
I am your War Machine / I am your Ghetto Scene
Live at CBGB's: Gweeds with Unicorn Rainbow & The Trustafarians
[cDc] Information is Junk Mail / The Tedium is The Message [cDc]
Basking within the Warm Glow of Celestial Love, Light, and that Purple
[-] Total Information Awareness [-]
".. .Into a Psychic War ... I Tear my Soul Apart and Eat it Some More.
Your Enemies are Plotting Against You 
So much Love, Light and Positive Energy, you'll Vomit!
Peace... or Eternal War / Either One is Okay
Your Phones are Tapped 
Post-human, Fully Deconstructed and Completely Incoherent
Merry Apocalypse and a Happy Kali Yuga
The MindVox Celestial Omnibus is Now Boarding
.By Divine Right, Motherfucker.
Bwiti [INSIDE]
Live Long and Prosper / Fuck Off and Die
Now Includes: a Strange Fractal Quality that Self-Organizes across All
We Love You and would never Plot to Kill You
"I've Found a Way to Steal the Sun from The Sky"
MindVox Bail Bonds . Providing Services Nationwide
[Hot City] ro0lz mahn . 125th & Lexington . (3am/EST)",
Welcome to Hunt's Point Industrial Park! Featuring: Coke, Dope & Ho's
"Whomever Controls your Perception of Reality, Controls You"
I want What i Want what I want What I Want what i want whaT 
It's all Spiritual n' Shit
To All The Drugs that I've Done: This One's For You
Recent Scientific Studies Strongly Suggest that you're Totally Fucked
"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted."
" . . . I Adapt to The Unknown ... Under Wandering Stars I Roam . . . "
"Actually, what I'd Really Like is a Little Toy Spaceship"
Welcome to the First Church of MindVox / Escort Agency
Facts only Get in The Way of Things
Cytochrome P4502D6 Catalyzes the O-Demethylation of 0-Day old WareZ
Temple of Pain
"Life is What you Make It . And if you Make it Death, Well Then you can
Rest your Soul"
Welcome to: MindVox Theoretical Macromolecular Modeling Bioinformatics
Group, Inc
"I've seen everything imaginable, pass before these eyes."
Mainlining God and Freebasing Spirit
I Love My Hate
"These Words I Write Keep Me from Total Madness"
Dear Mr. Fantasy ... Fuck The Police State
Warning, Site Contains: Undead, Starving, Rabid, Electrified Attack
Dogs on Speed wid Gatz
Straight Outta Detox
.I'm Sick Inside my Mind . Red Lights Flashing By . Wires Crossed
".I don't Wear a Mask . and I have No Regrets."
The Dope Show
Suicide Kings & Trauma Queens
Why do you have to be Such a Bitch?
Love Kills
I'm Very Sorry ... Have I Done an INCORRECT THING?
Now Includes: Flying UFO Stealth Blimps
"I'm focused on what I'm after ... the key to the next open chapter."

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