[ibogaine] post ibo support(with linking info)

Vector Vector vector620022002 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 19 20:24:34 EDT 2004

Sean I've never been addicted to anything and haven't done
ibogaine...................... yet! :) I am thinking maybe it will
become easier to get it soon and I'm going for it :) I've been on the
list for 3 years or more and I want to say that it is so cool to see
you, Preston, Marc, so many people who come here, find what they need,
do it instead of talking about how they wish they could or want to and
then share it here. Everything is so alive it's become amazing :) You
all have a lot of courage.

Big thanks for reminding me, I have mindvox in my bookmarks bar but
haven't looked at ibogaine.mindvox.com in a couple weeks, holyshit it's
tripled in size. Beautiful work thanks Patrick, Dave, all of you. I've
got something cool to look through right now :)

This is like being infected I'm excited! all the possibility is
spreading :) 


--- UUSEAN at aol.com wrote:

>   Hi Andy,
>   I am right where your son will hopefully be soon, so I thought that
> some of my web leg work might be useful.  I don't know if you have 
> checked out the ibogaine.minvox site; there is a wealth of
> information 
> there on the ibo universe, especially if you link in and out.
>   As for post ibo therapy in particular, I found the UK ibo website 
> particularly helpful. If you go to ibogaine.mindvox.com, then go to
> the 
> links, scroll down to ibogaine UK.
>   This site also gives info on ibo providers and treatment in the UK
> of 
> course.
>   In the treatment section (post ibo) it is suggested that "talking 
> only" therapy, while it can be helpful, seem less useful than
> encounter 
> type therapies. Primal therapy, bioenergetics, anything that can help
> release repressed emotions. I use Internal Family Systems, which you 
> can learn more about with a quick googol. It is believed that
> repressed 
> painful are often the root cause of addiction. Dance therapy like 5 
> Rhythms or Biodanza.
>   Hope this helps a little. And while you are at mindvox, cheek out
> the 
> arts and images page.  You will find the work of Dave Hunter, a great
> artist and really caring and committed ibogaine supporter. His work
> is 
> spectacular, Imo.
>   Pax,
>   Sean

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