[ibogaine] Music on Gammalyte??

D H dave at phantom.com
Thu Aug 19 17:56:27 EDT 2004

regarding music and Iboga sessions...

a favorite of mine was the chanting of the Gyuto (sp?) monks.

H E A V Y. I swear they were chanting the phrase "IBOGA IBOGA IBOGA, I  
WILL BEGIN AGAIN" *** a side note; when my guide offered to put the cd  
on I was delighted as I once had the rare opportunity to help host a  
vegan dinner for the monks on their 2nd US tour, and they blessed and  
chanted in the house I was living in. (They also said they preferred  
Kentucky Fired Chicken over Tofu). Me and my roomates were completely  
strung out... doing the health food and heroin "thing". The Monks knew  
something was amiss, and the chanting definitely moved some energy  
(curtains were billowing but there wasn't the slightest breeze  
'outside' the house.

regarding music apps, I composed that loop in Acid. I am currently  
procrastinating on learning ProTools, which I plan to use to record  
some songs I have written. I also have played with Reason/Ableton/etc  
but as a visual artist I spend more time with my graphic apps and my  
newly acquired status of "dad" doesn't leave much time to  
play-with/learn new stuff.


> Dave,
> Cool, I like it a lot!  I want something ethereal,
> electronica, drone-like for my detox...
> I imagine once I am in the midst of the Ibo-flight, a
> short 'loop' could turn into an eternally morphing
> symphony, of sorts.  :)
> BTW, I am a musician/composer as well.  I use Cubase
> SX 2.0, Finale and Anvil Studio- how about you?
> Thanks, Dave, and have a great day!
> M.
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