Attention People on Yahoo Mail

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at
Thu Aug 19 14:31:28 EDT 2004

To answer the question, "Am I off the list!!??!  Is it br0k3n!?!!@#!!"

No...  Yahoo seems to have reset their spam filters -- yet again -- and
rearranged things. 

If you've had no email from this list in the last 24 hours ... Look at the
left, go to the folder called [Bulk] and it will be pretty much completely
filled with messages that originate here.

Click on any message, then right above it, hit the button that sez, "This
is not spam." 

If you just add the address, "ibogaine at" to your addressbook,
it will stop doing that every single time something at yahoo changes.

People on Hotmail ... well, Hotmail is perpetually fucked and on overload.
This ain't new.  The MindVox mail server WILL NOT keep an SMTP connection
open for 3 minutes while Hotmail grinds, whirrs, and sputters to life in
the background.

It tries a few times, waits, meditates on the state of existence, tries
summore, sends a -pr0bE=> "HelLO r U 4l!ve?"  If none of that works out,
it gives up, throws your account in the garbage, and finds something
better to do with its time.

Hotmail sucks and is evil.  Get another mailbox.  We will not be changing
the mail system to sit n' spin and wait for 3-5 minutes for SMTP to answer
at the other end.  It we did that with every single connection -- with the
sheer volume of mail that sails in and out of here -- within about 48-72
hours, everything would get completely tangled; the mail daemon would need
to be killed, reset, and resurrected.  And... basically, fuck Micro$oft.

If you cannot read these words ... please let me know.  Thank you,


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