[ibogaine] Re:charlie and ibogaine isn't fun, really

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Thu Aug 19 13:34:31 EDT 2004

Preston it is wonderful to hear you describe your experience. I think the 
most important thing for everyone to keep in mind is that Ibogaine is not about 
'getting off drugs'. If that effect occurs for you, fantastic! I have spoken 
with alot of people who are on the forum but privately as well as other people 
in general. I have come to the knowledge that for me, it is more about living a 
fucked up life that I have a problem with. I have never wanted to stop 
getting high. I love euphoria!! Always did, always will! I believe most people feel 
that way but often confuse the issue of getting high and fucking up your life. 
If after the experience, I wish to stay off meth and other drugs fine. I am 
more interested in learning more about myself and my behavior patterns and 
changing those that I see as unhealthy. Let's face it, if drugs were legal, 
plentiful and cheap, the majority of us would not be experiencing any major problems 
with getting high. I know with me, it wasn't the euphoria that plagued me but 
society's treatment of drugs and the people that use them. It is expensive, 
risky in getting ripped off and/or busted and can be dangerous to your health 
(due to poor quality standards in manufacturing) all because it is illegal. So 
the problem as I see it is not specifically drugs, or depression or stealing 
and lying, whatever! It is the bigger picture of engaging in self destructive 
behavior and possessing a self destructive attitude. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE 
AND CHANGE. I think what it comes down to is I could never proselytize any 
belief system or philosophy, especially with Ibogaine for one's motivation and 
reason for using it (and other drugs) really is personal, subjective and 
relative. That's the beauty of this: there are no firm ground rules or policy. What 
ever you go into it with is the reson to do it, and whatever you come out of 
it with is the benefit and effect. Anyway, I'm talking too much I think. 

                                                             Have a really 
good day,
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