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Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Thu Aug 19 09:59:40 EDT 2004

>PS Preston,  I read your message to my partner regarding Limp Dick & he
started giggling.  Thank God its not just me was more or less the reply. <

Um, well I guess I'm glad he giggled and more so, realized it ain't just
That's actually another reason I write- we are all of us, the abusers and
the users, in the same boat together, and if we don't share our experiences,
too many of us I think do feel like it IS "just us" going through whatever
it is we're experiencing. I think that is one of the main good things about
the whole NA/AA/CA type stuff- it reminds us that we are not going through
whatever it is alone, that it's been done before and is being done now by
countless others, no matter what it is.
    I mean, whenever I hear a story about how someone needs money from me on
the street for this or that reason, I laugh, because there's not a story
someone can tell me to try and scam cash outta me that I haven't already
thought of and used too on someone or other. Whenever I get a reaction from
one drug or another, it's not the first time someone has reacted that way-
there's bound to be others who've also gone through it at some point.
    My point is, if there really actually is one here, that I am glad I've
been able to let your boyfriend know he ain't alone.
Peace and love Allison and all,

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 Hi Callie.   Have been reading all the posts but had a hard time trying to
reply.  So good to hear all the posts from Preston.  Was wondering if you
could also answer a question for me.  We use a chemical here in NZ.  Its an
acid and we just call it AA.  Does that mean anything to you and if so can
you tell me the correct term for it.  The 2nd A is for Acid but can not
think of the first word.  Its a chemical used to turn or manufacture drugs
if that makes any sense.  No probs if you want to give that one a miss or
maybe someone else can answer it.  Bit off the topic but putting it out
there anyway.   PS Preston,  I read your message to my partner regarding
Limp Dick & he started giggling.  Thank God its not just me was more or less
the reply.  Anyway, am glad to her all is good with you.  Take care & look
after yourself.    Allison

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Charlie, You may have been on list for a long time but I have just seen you
I want to introduce myself...
I am a 44 year old Practical Nurse on Methadone for 5 years.
I found this list by accident one night (divine intervention!) and it has
given me much hope. I have not had hope in many years!
I am saving to hopefully be treated this winter sometime and somewhere.
I had also been decreasing my dose but got to feeling edgy and asked for
detox to be stopped for a bit last week.
I have 2 grown sons, 22 and 25. I will be grandmother in February or early
My significant other is named Charlie too! He had auto accident in 1999
which left him a quadriplegic. I care for him now and nurse outside my home
part time. His wreck was alcohol related.
It is only one of many tragedies in my life that is result of alcohol and
drugs....but you probably know that story! We can all tell it....just change
names and tragedies!
Great to have another poster!
Hope to get to know you better.
We will be Ibonauts one day!

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