charlie and ibogaine isn't fun, really

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Thu Aug 19 09:46:04 EDT 2004

I am rootin' for you Charlie,
    Along with everyone else who is still out there struggling and fighting
to keep above water.
    I want every single person to remember one thing-
    In hindsight I myself am remembering more of the "fun" bits than the
"icky" bits, but please keep in mind that some people projectile vomit, they
wake up pissed off at the world and their providers and generally feel like
shit for a short while- at least, this is the impression I've been getting
from keeping loose tabs on treatments and talking to others who've gone
through it-and taking my own experience into account too. I don't want
anyone to come back later and say, "But Preston, you painted such pretty
pictures, why didn't it do for me what it did for you?" I'm not saying no
one else will benefit, not in the slightest bit am I saying that- I'm merely
stating a very valid reminder that all drugs are risky, and not every reacts
the same way. I think it's very important to let those who are about to
submit to the ibogaine that they are in for a real reaming of sorts before
they get to the bliss that is assuredly possible from following the ibo
sprites/spirits/lords/whatever the heck they/it is/are.
    I am rooting for you Charlie and do recommend ibogaine to anyone who
feels they ARE READY for change. Without the genuine desire for change, I
suspect people are going to torture themselves and then find that, well,
they aren't ready to quit getting high yet. It would be a shame if these
folk then blamed ibogaine for their continued use, feeling that it just
"didn't work right" for them. I could see this leading to more self-accusal
and the like on the part of the user, when it wouldn't be fair to either the
users who contine to use nor to the ibogaine itself.
    Just food for thought is all I'm posting, I promise I'm not trying to be
a wet blanket.
    Obviously ibogaine is doing me some good already. I admit it. So I
imagine it will for others too, as we've been seeing lately.
    I do wish more of those recently treated would subscribe here to the
list, so we could hear from more people who didn't like it, and wouldn't do
it again. I'd like to read balancing messages too at this point, to round
out my own impressions and knowlege.
Peace and love Charlie, and all,

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I've already decided that I want to do the treatment, but Preston's report,
as well as reports from many others, just make me feel that much more
positive and confident in that decision.
There are still a lot of questions/concerns that I (probably many others
also) have about the whole idea of Iboga/Ibogaine treatment.  I want to
thank everyone who takes the time to help inform those of us who are in
search of these answers.  I hope to be able to provide many answers for
people, as an "Ibonaut", very soon.

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Hi Bf,

Glad Preston's report gave you the kick you need to seek out ibo.  I had an
ear to ear grin reading it myself.:)


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