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Hi Everyone,

I have just recently joined the list and I would like to introduce myself.

I go under the name of Lee Albert and have just published my first ibogaine/eboga related book after 6 years working with eboga to deal with my own troubled past. I came to eboga/ibogaine as I was a man in deep pain and deep personal trouble. I have healed deeply because of it and that is why 3 years ago I decided to write about my experiences and the things I was beginning to learn with eboga as I realised its power and its importance for psycho/spiritual healing. At the time I went through quite an incredible experience detailed in the second book. However, the first book recounts the most incredible experience of my life.

In all there will be 3 books detailing my journey with eboga/ibogaine. The first is called Amazing Grace and can be reviewed via my web site where a number of the introductory chapters, table of contents and book cover are included. I have just recently revamped the site as I was occupied with the book publication. A Spanish version of the book will be released in the new year.

While my interest is not so much the mechanics of anti-addiction treatment, my work compliments the process surrounding addiction and its resolution. Once the physical side of addiction is under control the underlying psycho/spiritual work is the same as what I am focussed on. My own area of interest is abuse and trauma as these are the things I have been working on within myself. I did not come to eboga/ibogaine as an addict in the normal sense of the word. I certainly was an addict in many other ways.

I have joined the list to tune into any information which comes through the list that might be of interest to me (contributing where appropriate) and also to keep the list updated regarding my own work. I am sorry to say I don’t read many of the emails on the list except those whose headings catch my attention. If you want to connect with me there you will need to put my name Lee in the email heading.

In my own experience the long term successful outcome with eboga/ibogaine requires a lot of ongoing work but once we connect with the spiritual forces at work we are guided in that journey. I see eboga/ibogaine as a spiritually guided process of self-transformation. The rewards are great for those who persevere.

Myself I have undergone about 12 full sessions with ibogaine (a number of those were with the Indra extract). For many of those sessions a smaller dose amount would have sufficed. I did not realise that at the time as I was preoccupied with my pain and did not understand the process I was going through properly. I now undergo what I call “mini-sessions” using “threshold” amounts of ibogaine (i.e., amounts sufficient to bring about waking visions which can be assisted via inner focusing possibly similar to methods used in traditional meditation) leading to resolution of ongoing problems and spiritual guidance appropriate to that moment. For someone who has been heavily abused as I was, the process does require a number of years and benefits greatly by checking in with the Eboga spirit from time to time to keep on the right path as well as deal with the rising pain resulting from gradually revealed trauma. It also requires time regardless of the level of abuse to retrain the ego to a
 new holistic way of being to allow the soul or inner child to fully emerge. Again mini-sessions assist in this area.

I refer to eboga rather than ibogaine as I want to put my own take on the subject (which is very much based on its psycho-spirituality) and widen the field away from its present public focus as an anti-addiction therapy. I see Eboga spirituality as being at the root of eboga. I want to widen understanding of Eboga by highlighting its spirituality first and foremostly, putting its anti-addiction properties into that perspective. In this way I feel it will be more accessible to many who do not see themselves in that grouping and also I believe it will raise the stakes in terms of its true nature and potential.

I hope you all get a chance to read my book. It is a fusion of ideas built around the myth of the Holy Grail. Many of the Eboga ideas will be delved into more deeply in the subsequent books. For those of you in the media it is possible to obtain a free copy by sending an email with your details to the publisher. Details to be found on Also, if you know of anyone in the media who might be interested, can you guide them to this page or pass on this email? All publicity is gratefully appreciated. The book won’t be available via Amazon until next month but it is now available via the publisher (at 30% less) on or direct to its location on the publishers bookshop via my own web site

I plan on bringing out a second edition in the not too distant future to make any amendments which are deemed desirable or necessary. To this end any comments you may have after reading the book will be very much appreciated.

Wishing you all a safe journey.

Lee Albert








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