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Hi Callie,
Thank you for the warm welcome; I've indeed been on the list for a few months, and only made a few, brief, posts, a while back.  I wanted to introduce myself earlier, but wanted to catch up on reading the posts that had piled up during the previous week (that was in mid June). I just finished reading the posts for August, but still have about 700+ from July; I've decided not to put it off anymore.

I am very sorry for the recent tragedy in your life. Yes, we all have them, but that doesn't make it any easier.  Earlier in my life, 22-27 & 10-13 years ago, my primary drugs of abuse were, alcohol + whatever I could find.  I had a lot of alcohol related incidents, accidents, and arrests (3 DWI's-10+ accidents, + etc...).  To this day, I am so grateful that I never caused any physical harm to anyone, including myself, during those absolutely insane, irresponsible, immature days. I'd been through treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, twice, two years before I was old enough to legally drink.

As for now, I'm 41, married to a 44 year old RN (small world, huh?), and am taking enough Oxycontin to kill an average sized family, plus their neighbors.   I started playing around with some Percoset about 5 years ago, and am now snorting 20+, 80mg Oxycontin, plus have recently been throwing Heroin and/or Coke in to the mix.   I've had two periods, of about 8 years each (not to mention a few 2-3 days or weeks), completely clean and sober. In late March, I went to a Dr. and got on the Suboxone program, and despite being way under-dosed the first week, followed by having my dose jacked way up (probably to build my dependence, so I would keep going to the Dr), I lasted 5 weeks.  I don't consider that being clean, as the Suboxone is a powerful opiate, but it was a big step in the right direction.  I can't tell you what kind of insanity took over, to make me throw that time away.

By the way, although I've gone to college for (2-AAS degree's almost 3 years ago), and my life revolves around, computers, this is my first time on an interactive mailing list, so please forgive & correct me for any breaches of etiquette. However, at the end of march, as I was starting the Suboxone, I was involved with an opiate detox forum, which I really should have spent more time at the past month or two.  

This forum is where I first heard of Ibogaine, and after some initial enthusiasm, decided that it sounded too good to be true and tried to forget about it.  After seeing a few more references to it, I decided to do some serious research on the subject.  I have since decided that, one way or another, I WILL KNOW IBOGA!  While I'm on the subject, a lot of the info I found was through Sara's House, and I want to thank Sara for responding to me when I made my first couple of posts a couple of months ago.  With people like her, Howard, and you Callie, as well as everyone else here who shares info, I know I'm not far away from finding relief to the torture of my brain as it is now.

I do have a lot to say, but this is already getting pretty long. 
Thank you, and my best to all,

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  Charlie, You may have been on list for a long time but I have just seen you tonight!
  I want to introduce myself...
  I am a 44 year old Practical Nurse on Methadone for 5 years.
  I found this list by accident one night (divine intervention!) and it has given me much hope. I have not had hope in many years!
  I am saving to hopefully be treated this winter sometime and somewhere.
  I had also been decreasing my dose but got to feeling edgy and asked for detox to be stopped for a bit last week.
  I have 2 grown sons, 22 and 25. I will be grandmother in February or early March.
  My significant other is named Charlie too! He had auto accident in 1999 which left him a quadriplegic. I care for him now and nurse outside my home part time. His wreck was alcohol related.
  It is only one of many tragedies in my life that is result of alcohol and drugs....but you probably know that story! We can all tell it....just change names and tragedies!
  Great to have another poster!
  Hope to get to know you better.
  We will be Ibonauts one day!
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