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Charlie, You may have been on list for a long time but I have  just seen you 
I want to introduce myself...
I am a 44 year old Practical Nurse on Methadone for 5  years.
I found this list by accident one night (divine intervention!)  and it has 
given me much hope. I have not had hope in many  years!
I am saving to hopefully be treated this winter sometime and  somewhere.
I had also been decreasing my dose but got to feeling edgy and  asked for 
detox to be stopped for a bit last week.
I have 2 grown sons, 22 and 25. I will be grandmother in  February or early 
My significant other is named Charlie too! He had auto accident  in 1999 
which left him a quadriplegic. I care for him now and nurse outside my  home part 
time. His wreck was alcohol related.
It is only one of many tragedies in my life that is result of  alcohol and 
drugs....but you probably know that story! We can all tell  it....just change 
names and tragedies!
Great to have another poster!
Hope to get to know you better.
We will be Ibonauts one day!
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