Death of a Fellow Addict in Pain

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Wed Aug 18 21:29:46 EDT 2004

A working acquaintance of mine lost her husband yesterday  in a tragic death 
that is going to give you chill bumps.
 She and husband have both individually and as a couple  battled addiction.
They have a tree surgery/trimmingbusiness. She does nursing and  also would 
go out on jobs with him. She was out on a job with him yesterday and  he told 
her he could not go on with the dope problem he had. He said, "I would  rather 
be dead than be addicted to this shit anymore." He went up in the bucket,  was 
not harnessed in and fell out. He landed on truck and died before ambulance  
got there.
She said she hopes that God knew his heart and knew that death  would be 
better than hell he was going through. He had planned to go back in  treatment the 
23rd of this month. It was one of many previous  attempts.
Addiction is evil and hell on earth!!!
I am so angry and sad tonight! They have tried and tried to get  clean! Some 
people NEVER accomplish total abstinence!
Please pray for her and her family. She has demons she has to  fight also.
Sad and very MAD tonight,
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