[ibogaine] forget Viagra/Cialis (way off color update)

Brad Fisher brad.fisher at guaranty.com
Wed Aug 18 16:03:39 EDT 2004

Thanks for this last report Preston, I have been following your progress,
and others, but you hit "the-nail-on-the-head" with the limp dick remark.
After 5+ years of MMT, my life is "stable" and Viagra, Cialis and
Testosterone do not help. My beautiful wife of 25 years is beginning to
think I am done... I am not going to "consider" this (Ibogaine) any longer,
I will begin making my plans today, thankyou for honestly reporting of your
experiance strength and hope!!!!!
Hi all.
    This might be a bit off-color for some, so if you've got sensitive eyes
and brains, read no more.
    For the rest of you, who have been following my trials and travails, and
recent resetting, here I go.
    I have more energy that I've had in YEARS since taking ibogaine. I mean
it, I'm getting up early in the morning, just like usual, but then I make a
hearty breakfast, a real, hot breakfast, even adding yet MORE fruit to the
mix this morning, blueberry on my morning's newly-ritualistic french toast.
    But even more, I'm going out and moving around outside, all day, meeting
publishers, being active, making plans and plots and actually carrying
through on them in major ways. (The release party for Under the Influence
will be held Oct. 21, 2004, at Uncle Ming's in the LES, Manhattan, so please
mark your calandars- this is going to be one hell of a party, with hopefull
Joker 5 Speed playing and possibly another band or two as well- it's gonna
be a REAL party, so make plans all. This has to be the biggest event I've
ever tried to put together, and it seems, at this point anyway, to be
progressing smoothly.)
    V and I went to see the "Marijuanalogues" last night (a perk of writing
for HT- get in free to cool off-Broadway shows about pot), then I went and
dj'd for about 5 hours straight, then we came home, and, well, made love.
    I mean, you know, we made lots and lots of really horny amazing
sex-love, for hours it felt like (cause it was for hours, LOL), in a way as
I've not been able to accomplish in, oh, ages and ages, due to all my nerve
endings being so numbed out by opiates that, well, suffice it to say I've
not been the most sexually active individual for some time- and I have
always felt it one of the most special activities that two people (or heck,
more for those freaky types out there) can do together. Seeing as I am
totally head over heels in love, have always loved sex of all kinds, and am
extremely faithful to a fault (well, not really to a fault, that's known as
an "expression"), it's been most frustrating to be such a "limp-dick" for so
long, to be blunt about it.
    But now I find, post-ibogaine, that things have changed. Wow! have they
changed. I mean, up till recently things were ok, but not really all that
magical. Hate to admit it, but I will- I've been a fairly accomplished
looser lately in this regard.
    Now though, magical almost begins to cover things, but only barely as
things have gotten lots and lots bigger and, oh, harder and such. I realize
I'm being awfully open about my personal life and relationship here, but
hey, I'm so blown away (to coin a phrase) by the difference, as is my
ultra-only-significant other, that I felt I had to say something about it,
as it is yet another definite plus to having had the opportunity to try
    So, throw away the Vigra and Cialis or whatever it is you're using and
try ibogaine.
    No, but seriously, I've not ever actually tried either Viagra or Cialis,
but I don't imagine I will either now. Who needs that crap, I've got
cleanliness to help me. And love and lust too, amazingly, after 8 years-
real, hot, steamy lust and such.
Nuther big, happy, satisfied grin due here- :-)))
Peace and love to all, and I hope I've not exposed too much here on this
open list, but hell, I'm so, ummm, happy? Drained? Incredibly satisfied?
Like a new man?
"All of the above" should just about do it.
Peace and love again,

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