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Wed Aug 18 01:03:38 EDT 2004

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>       P.S. I never hear of sessions where several people are experiencing
>Iboga/Ibogaine together. Why is this? Why does it always seem like only
>one person should do it at a time? Plus very few people ever talk about doing
>it alone except you I believe Howard. Why is this the case? I know somew 
>can't handle it but some of us I know would not just handle it but thrive on
>it while alone ( no sitter). What;s the story with this also Howard?

If you mean in the same room, there is a tendency for the vibes from one 
subject to influence the other.  In the 60s we had one such experiment following 
the African paradigm of calling out the visions and peoples visions were 
interfering with each other.  I have tripped with my significant other in the old 
days with no problems whatsoever but, we were both experienced and feel real 
comfy together.  Also lots of people do ibo alone,  Probably more once they are 
experienced with iboga/aine and others who are just experienced with 
psychoactives.  Guides are always helpful if they know anything about what they are 
doing.  And lots of people who are removing the mantles of their chemical 
dependence like guidance and it is good to have someone to provide you with comfort 
and secure answers to questions like, "Will this ever end?"


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