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>You too Sara! Excellent description. Though I would like to also trip with
>you, the difference is I will be in a couple of months. Can't wait.....
>                                                                   Julian

Well Julian if you rent a wing in a hospital and not just a room we can all 
come..Sara, Howard, Eric, Patrick, even Deborah and Tom and Jeff and the 
minions of unknown iboga/ibogaine providers and why not ngangas from Africa a well.  
We will have art directors deck out the hospital as a gabonese forest and 
take it from there...even competing chapels so if you don't like one scene you 
can go to another.  You would be able to choose from ibogaine running 99% - 80% 
with various alkaloid contents or just total alkaloids mixtures or roots to 
chew.  Iboga your way!!!!

Will this be happening at the HRC conference in New Orleans?  Will this be 
happening at the American Association for the treatment of Opioid Dependence con
ference in Disneyland in October?  Will the iboga booth be offering free 
treatments among all those methadone providers...after all it is florida.  We bring 
in Sara so when everyone is freaking out because some patients are talking to 
entities that no one else can see in the palm trees sara says, oh nothing to 
worry about I will just make them some mushroom tea and cannabis suppositories 
or marjoon.  There, now they are all well.

Get your copies of Orgies of the Hemp Eaters 
by Hakim Bey, Abel Zug

If any conference organizers or doctors object roving groups of gang bangers 
with duckies just wack them with the duckies and 45 minutes later they are 
just part of the decoration among the floor tiles or bedding.  Yes, things are 
getting stranger.  It is like morroco in the 60s except it is ibogaine in 2000+  
Where are the dancing boys...I mean dancing girls. Oh well sexually confused 


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