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Wed Aug 18 00:50:54 EDT 2004

Howard, it would be nice having you there under any circumstance but I am 
referring to a more easygoing (though one might say risky, irresponsible and alot 
like psychic basejumping) type of session and meeting. Just a couple of 
people exploring alone and with one another. Not really me on Ibo and you sitting 
or vice versa. I don't want to be on the space craft while you are at mission 
control. I want both of us on the 'ship'. 
                                                             Nice dreaming I 

       P.S. I never hear of sessions where several people are experiencing 
Iboga/Ibogaine together. Why is this? Why does it always seem like only one 
person should do it at a time? Plus very few people ever talk about doing it alone 
except you I believe Howard. Why is this the case? I know somew people can't 
handle it but some of us I know would not just handle it but thrive on it 
while alone ( no sitter). What;s the story with this also Howard?
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