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>In a message dated 8/17/04 6:12:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time, HSLotsof at aol.com
>writes:in referring to the special'shaman' known as  Sara
>I guess we have to recognize that we are going to have some pretty far
>patient responses and just deal with them for the benefit of all of the
>ibogaine patients who present no drama (good luck) and little diversity
>as to 
>what we expect in ibogaine/iboga responses.
>Howard Sara and all
> Do you think it is the way Sara does her ibotreatments...the special 
>setting, the famial group inclusion (that is what it seems to be like at
>house") her unique experiences, her being her, that seem to bringon these
>far out patient responses."
>And Sara I am still hoping to come to see you soon....october  perhaps...our
>spiritual teacher Mata Amritanandamayi (the "hugging saint" as she is 
>sometimes refereed to in the media) will be in Amsterdam then and a week
>with her 
>before my ibo experience well I cant think of a better way for me personally
>approach this thing...but dollars will be needed to manifest this magic..
>love to love ya all!

My guess is it is Sara not excluding far out patients that is providing these 
far out responses.  But, nothing is written in stone.  When Patrick conducts 
the double blind Sara/Deborah study and the same patients all have far out 
responses with sara and mundane responses with deborah, all of course with the 
benefits of statistical analysis then we may get some answers or not but, in any 
case further research and research funding will be required. Most scientfiic 
papers end with a call for further research that indicates an understanding 
that further funding will be required.


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