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Tue Aug 17 18:11:54 EDT 2004

In a message dated 8/17/04 4:33:25 PM, sara119 at xs4all.nl writes:

>One variation is having visions with open eyes, active tripping walking
>around talking to people who are seen only to the Iboga initiate,
>Last treatment I had with a Guy who saw someone eating bacon sandwiches
>of the appel tree in my garden,he couldn't understand later that he was
>tripping for days, walking eating and drinking and seeing things and
>people who are not there.He thought i was his wife and he was going to
>build a swimming paradise in my Garden instead of the bacon tree.
>You can call it day dreaming or sleep walking or something in between.
As I have said Sara, I think you are the bravest iboga shaman this side of 
Africa.  The responses you describe would send most medical doctors and lay 
providers running as far from iboga/ibogaine as they might get.  Of course I may 
be wrong about everyone.  I think we really have to look at significant 
diversity in effects for the description you provide and I am left in ignorance of w
hether we are looking at an iboga effect of the unveiling of an underlying 
pathology if we can make that distinction.

I guess we have to recognize that we are going to have some pretty far out 
patient responses and just deal with them for the benefit of all of the "normal" 
ibogaine patients who present no drama (good luck) and little diversity as to 
what we expect in ibogaine/iboga responses.


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