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Tue Aug 17 17:33:15 EDT 2004

> In a message dated 8/17/04 3:00:44 PM, Sapphirestardus at aol.com writes:
>>Hey Sean! I wonder something. Everyone seems to say the same thing about
>>the visual aspect of Ibogaine. It is when you close your eyes that you
>> have
>>clear visions and/or hallucinations. So what happens when you open your
>> eyes?
>>Do they diminish, go away or just change? I guess I don't understand why
>> one
>>would have a visual experience only when the eye is shut. It's
>> so...bizarre!
>>Do you see things with your eyes open? I appreciate your input and also
>> thank
>>you for passing me the info as to where I could experience Ibogaine. I do
> mine
>>next week and I am very psyched.  Well keep doing it and learning it man.
> It is like dreaming.  You open your eyes and in most cases end of dream.
> With ibogaine it is a waking dream.  Open eyes your out of the dream.
> Close your
> eyes you are back in.  That is a simplification and there are variations
> but,
> there you are.
> Howard
One variation is having visions with open eyes, active tripping walking
around talking to people who are seen only to the Iboga initiate,
Last treatment I had with a Guy who saw someone eating bacon sandwiches
of the appel tree in my garden,he couldn't understand later that he was
tripping for days, walking eating and drinking and seeing things and
people who are not there.He thought i was his wife and he was going to
build a swimming paradise in my Garden instead of the bacon tree.
You can call it day dreaming or sleep walking or something in between.

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