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Tue Aug 17 16:50:15 EDT 2004

In a message dated 8/17/04 3:00:44 PM, Sapphirestardus at aol.com writes:

>Hey Sean! I wonder something. Everyone seems to say the same thing about
>the visual aspect of Ibogaine. It is when you close your eyes that you have
>clear visions and/or hallucinations. So what happens when you open your eyes?
>Do they diminish, go away or just change? I guess I don't understand why one
>would have a visual experience only when the eye is shut. It's so...bizarre!
>Do you see things with your eyes open? I appreciate your input and also thank
>you for passing me the info as to where I could experience Ibogaine. I do 
>next week and I am very psyched.  Well keep doing it and learning it man.

It is like dreaming.  You open your eyes and in most cases end of dream.  
With ibogaine it is a waking dream.  Open eyes your out of the dream.  Close your 
eyes you are back in.  That is a simplification and there are variations but, 
there you are.


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