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mcorcoran mcorcoran27 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 17 15:08:05 EDT 2004

might not get this till I return, hoping to catch someone else's wi-fi in the meantime. 
I really felt meeting your dad (mine passed away a few years back and never got to see any of this, and still lots of unresolved shit with that, as I'm sure you can imagine) but it was weird... I have been thinking about the old country (IRE) since my second day in Mexico, actually I was thinking about the color green and then it came into my mind and never left. Both of my parents came here a couple of years before I was born. Anyway I spent the day with Dimitri and we talked about the similarities between the Irish and the Greek's you know the whole drinking, crying, poetry, thing. and he talked about going back to Greece after his Ibogaine experience and I wished I had that same kind of opportunity but then we walk up to Union Sq. and I meet your dad and  he talked about Ireland. It was so strange considering its not exactly the thing that comes up in my every day conversation. Then after talking with your dad for a bit it brought me back to my relationship with my own father. All
 the times he'd come down to Tompkins Sq. asking all the junkies have you seen my son.... As If I ever would have gone with him. Well actually I did once but that was after an OD and was forced. All the money spent on the best rehabs when I had no intention of stopping.  But you get my drift. that kind of love is so rare in this life.  I guess what I'm trying to say is seeing the love your father had for you (whatever it takes kinda thing) helped me to get much more in touch with my relationship with my own father. Don't wait till its too late to show hiom what your really made of.
 I believe many forces played a role in seeking and finding the way I did. Strangely enough the day I took my main dose was the one year anniversary of my best friend and running partners death 29 years old and although I knew it was around the same time I was pretty shocked to return to realize that it was the exact date. So I'm rambling but I'm Glad to hear your going well and give my regards to your family. And last but certainly not least, a thought is just a though its when you entertain that thought does it turn into an action. Your probably right about the active addiction and the not sleeping. Either way its a small price to pay. 
Call me anytime.  -M.

UUSEAN at aol.com wrote:

Hey Marc,

Enjoy the Hamptons dude!  Talk at you when your back.  And thanks for what you said about my Dad.  He really is one of kind.:)  


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