UPDATE - 5th National Harm Reduction Conference

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Tue Aug 17 14:22:31 EDT 2004

On [Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 12:53:05PM -0400], [jon] wrote:

| Hey Patrick,
| Because I'm a lazy slacker, i never got around to submitting an abstract..
| but i thought i'd bother ye and see if there might be any interest in
| hearing that presentation i did on 18-mc again, or maybe on ibogaine's
| pharmacology.

Hey Jon,

Absolutely mahn.  I enjoyed your talk at the May 2003 ibogaine thing in
NYC.  There is still time to sort all of this shit out.

I will talk to you in private in a minute.

What will actually happen is ... between now and when the event occurs,
we're gonna wind up with probably half the prospective speakers actually
showing up.  This is why I asked for a large room with fleXible time.

If 5 people make it...  It'll be okay.  If 15 people make it, that too, is
all-good.  Nobody is disinclined or unrepresented.  And it's really not
critical to the continuity of life on Earth if people who absolutely,
positively, and without a doubt, plan to attend ... don't show up.

I'm starting to get blips in email from a few people; it'll get sorted
out.  What I'm unclear on are abstracts that DO NOT EXIST.  "I submitted,
and..."  Nope, you didn't.  Or, if you did, it did not land in IBOGAINE. 

I've written Boaz, and will start taking all of this into private email,
the main message was just a catch-all sorta thing.  I will also write
Peter Cohen, but if he didn't submit TO IBOGAINE, then...  I have nothing
to do with whatever panel he did submit to, and thus, he needs to sort
that out with Allan.

Finally, I still have no feedback from anybody regarding whut up with
MAPS, so I'm just skipping the bullshit and talking to Rick directly to
find out if there is A PRESENTATION or if everyone is just doing their own

Updates as they land. 


If you need to touch-base regarding THIS event, please send me email; I
will set up the tentative speakers list in a day or three.  

This is still the ibogaine list, not the 800 letters pertaining to
organizing HRC list.  ANNOUNCEMENTS will be made in this space, but every
piece of flotsam doesn't need to land here; if you have some desire to
plaster it in front of an audience, well, go right ahead and have fun.  

But you *NEED TO* also make sure you are sending it directly to ME.  If
you wanna complain about something, vent, whatever, then feel free to send
it to whomever you want, but you ALSO need to send it to me if you want me
to read it and act on it in some way.

The MAIN THING to keep in mind is...  It's a cool place to hang out,
interact with people and have fun.  I mean, it's New Orleans.  If you have
some vision in your mind of a huge audience anxiously awaiting to hear
what we have to say...  You're gonna be very disappointed.

The last HRC I did was with Deborah and Dana in Seattle, 2002.  Maybe
25-30 people showed up in the ibogaine room.  DPA last year was roughly
the same thing with Howard, Ken Alper, myself, Dana, Sandra, and Daniel

This time around I got a bigger room, so I'm gonna guess 75 people will be
in the audience, maybe a few more.  

None of this is really critical to the continuation of life on Earth.
Please try not to turn it into Ego Wars, I have enough headaches trying to
deal with everyone as it is.

And ... I already know the answer to that magical question, "Can't we all
just get along?"  No!  

Despite that, please try not to act like an asshole.  I'm doing my best to
accomplish same.  Nobody has been disinclined -- and if you think some of
the panelists are all warm and melty inside at the presence of some of the
other panelists, well, you'd be mistaken.  Fortunately or not, we're all
on planet Earth.  Oh well.



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