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Preston? What is that lab I told you about? I think its Smithklein. 65 bucks is what it is I think for basic liver functions and whatever else they need. Talk to Frank . I think he'll know. And of course if that doesn't work. Run around the block or briskly walk and go into an ER tell them that you have slight pain in your chest and under your ribs and they'll do the EKG and the blood work and after they do request all the paper work (your property) and take it from there. But if you have the 65 or 100 bucks I'd advise going the normal route because we all know that once you walk into an ER especially in NYC you can kiss the rest of the day (if your lucky) goodbye. 

n <jfreed1 at umbc.edu> wrote: 
> HI all,
> Quick question as I skim my mail- anyone have any suggestions on an
> easy
> way to get bloodwork done, cheaply, in NYC? My own doctor apparently isn't
> doing bloodwork in her office anymore, they're sending people out to other
> clinics or something.
> So I'd wind up spending money I really would prefer not to spend-
> especially since I don't actually have it.

hey preston,

found a couple leads on the web...

"In New York State, anonymous testing is provided for free but only at
Department of Health test sites. Anonymous testing allows a person to get
tested for HIV without providing their name or personal information. For
information on an anonymous test site near you, please call the Department
of Health at 800.825.5448 or if you live in New York City, you can dial
311. HIV is the only test that can be performed anonymously at these
sites. All other tests, such as syphilis, would require that you provide
certain information."


the NYC Free Clinic
The NYC Freeclinic serves those people who are uninsured. In partnership
with other organizations, NYCFC is able to provide healthcare services at
no cost to our patients. These services include:

* Basic primary care consultations and follow-up
* Physical exams
* Laboratory services including basic blood tests
* Radiology services
* Women's health care (prenatal care, gynecology, etc.)
* Pharmaceuticals (patient financial contributions welcomed)
* Referral Services
* Counseling and Social Services to help patients qualify for Medicaid,
Family Health Plus, and the Child Health Insurance Program

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