[ibogaine] our adult children (used to be ibo 2 or not 2)

Allison Senepart paradisepaint at callsouth.net.nz
Tue Aug 17 08:17:57 EDT 2004

At least you care Randy which is more than can be said for a lot of parents,
straight or not.
I had a similar conversation with my daughter of 23yrs old and ended up
saying I couldn't keep appologising.  I can't turn the clock back and to
keep beating myself up and feeling guilty is not helping.  There comes a
time to move forward and youve got to take it when its there  Allison 
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My son knows no other way. He's been around addiction all of his life and he
has been blessed, or cursed, I don't which, with an extreme amount of heart.
Randy, I have two adult sons (22 and 26) and I raised them and went through
all the stages of addiction and they watched. I do not mean they watched me
actually shooting, smoking or snorting.....they watched my steady decline
from a good wife, mother and nurse to divorced wife, negligent mother and
unlicensed nurse waiting tables at Shoneys.
They do not use and drink. In fact my oldest son Patrick says he has never
tasted alcohol or smoked a cigarette. He has ZERO tolerance for ANY drink or
use. He will not even socialize with people he knows to use or drink.
My youngest son sounds like your son. He has experimented with weed and
crystal meth but did not take it any farther. He loves to drink a beer or
two every now and then. He has friends who smoke weed and he has little
tolerance for it he says but I notice the 'caretaking enabler' in him.
You are right they did nothing to deserve the life they were dealt.
Addiction is terrible poison.
I have not discussed Ibogaine with my sons yet. When the time is near I will
explain it to them.
I feel like they are going to roll their eyes and say 'whatever Mom' but
then again they might not. They are both intelligent college educated men. I
plan to give them information for them to read instead of me trying to
explain it to them.
Our turn with Ibogaine will come Randy. I agree with you that it will be
when it is suppose to be.
Peace and thanks for your posts!
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