[ibogaine] 5th National Harm Reduction Conference

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Tue Aug 17 01:27:21 EDT 2004

In a message dated 8/17/04 12:12:35 AM, crownofthorns at hushmail.com writes:

>Bro I feel you but none of the large drug reform 
>conferences look like they ever cater to people, 
>it's all talking to drug workers or doctors. The 
>admission is $400 dollars or more to get in. 
>If you are a student you can usually get in a lot 
>cheaper but none of these confs are ever general 
>audience :-(
>Looked it up, I am right it's $360 dollars to get in

$400.00 cheap.  Most medical conferences run 1,500+ but getting back to the 
ibogaine presentation, that is only one day running between 90 -115 depending 
on when you register.  Maybe other deals can be worked out just for the 
ibogaine meeting but, patrick will have to take that up with the HRC.  DO WE HAVE 
Registration Fees: 
until September 1st (postmarked): $360 ($90/day) 
$330 for HRC members
$260 for speakers
after September 1st:450 ($115/ a day)
$400 for HRC members
$300 speaker registration

This should be an interesting conference in an interesting city.


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