5th National Harm Reduction Conference

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Mon Aug 16 23:46:31 EDT 2004

The 5th National Harm Reduction Conference will take place on November 
11-14, 2004, at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel in New Orleans.

The Ibogaine Panel / Roundtable (actually, the table is 
rectangular-shaped, but FACTS only get in the way of things), will take 
place in a room that seats 100+, on Saturday the 13th.

It will begin in the late afternoon and run until everybody who has 
something to say has finished talking; there is nobody left in the 
audience; or the speakers look at the clock, realize that it's 8PM, 
everybody is in New Orleans, and probably we can all find something 
much more fun to do at that point.

The speakers I am certain of, at this particular juncture in time are:

Deborah C. Mash, Ph.D.

Jeffrey D. Kamlet, MD -- For those of you who don't know who he is, 
other than being cool people, Jeff is a Board Certified 
Addictionologist, and President of the Florida Society of Addiction 
Medicine (FSAM).  He will be presenting a Clinician's View of Ibogaine 
-- anecdotes from 400+ ibogaine detoxifications which have taken place 
at St. Kitts.

Howard S. Lotsof -- President, Dora Weiner Foundation.  Howard will 
present on: Drug User Rights and Control of Ibogaine

Dana Beal, Cures Not Wars

Patrick K. Kroupa -- That'd be me.  I will be moderating the panel, and 
presenting on the Art of Self-Destruction, and using that wonderful 
molecule called ibogaine to step out of hardcore, lifelong 

ADDITIONAL SPEAKERS that I am aware of, include:

Stanton Peele, Ph.D. -- Stanton will be presenting -- quite likely 
about a variety of post-ibogaine aftercare modalities and options -- IF 
he is present at the HRC conference itself.  At this exact moment in 
time, his attendance at the conference is not certain.

Dmitri Mugianis -- Dmitri INTENDS to be present.  He will be talking 
about ibogaine treatment in, uhm, urban settings.  So...  Dmitri, did 
ibogaine provide you with a complete psycho-spiritual reintegration and 
give you the opportunity to step out of hardcore drug dependence?  
"Fuckin' A!"  Does it work for others?  "You bet!"  Most excellent & 
Rock the Fuck Out!


EVENT: a very talented dude named Ben De Loenen (LunArt Productions) 
will be debuting his ibogaine documentary.  Exactly when, where, and 
how many times his film will be shown, are still up in the air at the 
present time.

The only thing that's certain is: it will air -- one or more times -- 
during the HRC conference.




Randy Hencken -- The Ibogaine Association.  Presenting on: 
Ibogaine-Assisted Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Chemical 

Randy, I have your abstract, it is approved, I need to hear, "Yes, I 
will be there," to move you into the list up top there.


Lissa Friedman, Ph.D. -- Presenting on: Transpersonal Psychotherapy In 
Post Ibogaine Treatment.

Lissa, extremely cool.  First, I need to hear from you, "Yes, I will be 
there."  And second, from the very first sentence of your abstract -- 
which HAS BEEN APPROVED -- it needs a little modification.  To wit: 
"The presentation will be done in four parts: The first part will 
present an overview of the transpersonal approach to psychotherapy; 
specifically in reference to post Ibogaine care..."

Lissa ... To present what you've written would take roughly 3 or 4 
hours -- please correct me if I'm wrong -- you've got 15-20 minutes.  
You need to be aware of this and make some slight changes in what you 
intend to share.

I would very much enjoy having you there, so...  Get back to me!


Boaz Wachtel -- Ibogaine and the Harm reduction movement.  Boaz, your 
abstract was approved.  I sent you email, you never got back to me.  
Dana says you are bouncing around the world, and Howard has mentioned 
that as far as he knows you do not intend to attend.

Please get back to me.  It'd be cool to have you there.  If I don't 
hear from you in the next week or two, I need to assume that you will 
not be present.


Catherine Jones -- Tenderloin AIDS Resource Center, Presenting on: 
Indications for the Use of the Psychedelic Plants Ayahausca and 

Your abstract was approved.  Except, I have absolutely no idea who this 
person is.  I've never even heard of them.  Thus ... contact needs to 
be made.  Mostly I am talking to myself here, but if anyone reading 
this knows who this is, please tell her to get in touch with me.  


People who are LOST IN SPACE:


Earth to Sandra Karpetas:  The last time I talked with you, which I 
think was about 6 weeks ago(?) you weren't sure if you planned to 
attend.  Howard seems to be under the impression that you submitted an 
abstract.  If you did, nobody has seen it.  There is absolutely nothing 
present from you, regarding ibogaine.

Randy submitted an abstract of his own, on behalf of himself and the 
Ibogaine Association.  It does not include you.

Is you, or is you not, gonna show?  Get in touch with me please, or 
I'll try to give you a call in the next coupla days.


Peter Cohen: I have absolutely no idea WHO Peter Cohen is, except 
through Howard.  I have never interacted with him.  I don't know how to 
reach him.  If he submitted an abstract it DID NOT land in the ibogaine 

So, thusly, I have no idea what is happening with Peter Cohen, but we 
still have some time to sort this out.


Hello, hello, hello...  Is there anybody else reading these words who 
submitted an abstract and is completely unaccounted for...?  Speak now, 
or don't.


People who do not get back to me in time, or do so during the last 5 
minutes, will STILL be able to present.  But, you're going to be 
speaking last, and if it's 3 hours into the presentation ... I have no 
idea how many  audience members will stick around.

What tends to happen at HRC/DPA conferences is: there are a few 
thousand people who arrive at the hotel.  At any given point in time 
there are smaller workshops, and larger conference rooms with 
presentations.  People wander around, and if they have no specific 
agenda, the larger rooms fill up with MORE PEOPLE.  Gosh, what're the 

Many of the audience members will have absolutely no idea what ibogaine 
is, who any of us are, or what the hell is going on.  "It's a 
hallucinogen that cures drug addiction!??@#!??!?!  Noway!"


What is NOT happening:


There will not be a Special Ibogaine Workshop, for the 
Differently-Abled, in an Alternate Universe, where 15 speakers present 
to 4 audience members -- in a room the size of a broom-closet, because 
they don't want to be on the same panel as somebody else (I hate you, I 
hate you, I hate you!).

If you intend to present about a topic that covers medicine, science, 
research, or drug-dependence ... and you don't have a background in -- 
or any experience with -- these topics.  Well...  It is quite likely 
that somebody present will CORRECT YOU.

Respectful, awed silence, may or may not occur.  Probably, it won't.  
So, don't talk bullshit.  Talk what YOU know.  And LET IT ALL OUT.  You 
know you want to baby!

Guns, knives, and heavy blunt objects will be checked at the door.  
Panelists are not allowed to engage in physical combat while within the 
conference room itself.

An Ibogaine Death-Match will be scheduled after the festivities, in an 
alley behind the hotel.  Winner takes all.  Last one still standing is 

"I'm gonna fuckin' kill you with my peace, love, and good intentions!"


And...  although it has not yet been formally announced, planned, 
conceptualized, and will be "organized" in the last 5 minutes, the day 
before...  I am nearly 100% certain that Dana Beal will throw a 
post-HRC ibogaine conference, somewhere in New Orleans.  Because...  He 
just can't stop himself.

While this unofficial conference will probably lack most of the main 
presenters, it will make up for this with high quality drugZ; and thus, 
is always a popular attraction!

Anybody with 6 hours worth of material they'd like to share; please 
take note.  It can run for a day, two days, a week.  Time is relative; 
an abstraction, and completely non-linear anyway.  Show up and 
experience this for yourself.


As more information becomes available it will be posted to THIS LIST.

As speakers, exact times, and presentation topics solidify, the final 
agenda will be posted to THIS LIST.

The News & Events section of the MindVox : Ibogaine site:

http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/News/ (It is currently EMPTY)

The Ibogaine Dossier:


And probably the Dora Weiner Foundation.


As well as Cures Not Wars:



A Speaker's List will light up on MindVox within the next week or so, 
as I get everyone's email address, so we can sort shit out.


In conclusion: WOooooo hOooOOOooo!  Anarchy Now!  Let the Games Begin!

Thank you,


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