[ibogaine] Ibogaine in Toronto?

Jaden Shaw jadensheldon at yahoo.ca
Mon Aug 16 21:38:30 EDT 2004

Hi Maya. My name is Jaden and I live in Vancouver Canada. Right now I am wired wired wired. Im doing about a gram and a half of heroin and twice that in coke. Point is I really hurt when I dont have any drugs in my body. I have been almost this wired before and have taken Ibogaine to detox. Of course it worked its magic on my physical, mental and spiritual, Painlessly. So your question about detoxing from 19 mills of meth (congrats for keeping your dose so low) I would answer, No, I dont think it will hurt you. I also think that you have lowered yourself so much already that you dont have all that far to go. I have never been on methadone but people usually tell me that if they reduce their dose by a couple of mills a week its generally painless as well. But there are so many other advantages to Ibogaine besides a painless detox. I have ordered a gram of HCL and it is there for me when I am ready. I am not. I wish you well and feel blessed that your mind is even thinking about
 getting yourself clean. Take care. 

Maya Fellaheen <maya_fellaheen at yahoo.com> wrote:Wow,

I am surprised- the anecdotal evidence I've read says
that Ibogaine treatment for opiate(meth.) addiction
was superlative! I would be interested in hearing
from people who have actually done the procedure. I
am in the midst of tapering my dosage, and I'm just
sooooooooo sick and tired of the liquid ball and
chain. I have only taken methadone for 11 months, and
am currently on 19mg. If I tried to detox from this
amount, would it be terribly painful?

Thank you very much,

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