[ibogaine] bloodwork suggestions?

Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 16 21:14:17 EDT 2004

Hi Preston,
I am not sure about NYC but if you go to the county health and tell them that you may have aids and maybe another STD they will give you one free.  Maybe tell them that you may of shared with a guy who you heard has hep C or HIV and is there any way to make sure since your not working.  Chances are they will jump for joy to have you come in - HONEST.
Now, if they ask when tell them a coulple of months ago, maybe 3, not really sure.  I don't know if they will do a CBC, Sed rate, Diff count, etc. but I am pretty sure they will do some kind of test.  I am not trying to be funny CBC is complete cell count (white and red and others like segmented, and eo sin a fils, etc.  Sed rate is the time it takes for your blood to seperate - dark on bottom and clear on top.  Diff count is how many like a  man should have 5.5 million red blood cells per ml and about 5000 white blood cells and technical stuff that I forgot.  Callie could maybe give you more info.  Sometimes you have to throw in the STD thing because the STD people may pay for it.  So tell them everything, once they put a needle in your arm they might as well check for everything.  Damn, I hate them 18g.needles.  Make it easy on yourself call first.  Or maybe the Salvation Army will know.
There is really too much mail for me to read with my dial up.  If ever you want to contact me you can write direct.  If you have Hep C you should tell them and they may do the liver enzymes tests.  Or if your a drinker they might.  They don't believe drunks any more than junkies, they believe their all liars and feel they downplay their use.
Best to ya.
  - JIM

Preston Peet <ptpeet at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
HI all,
Quick question as I skim my mail- anyone have any suggestions on an easy
way to get bloodwork done, cheaply, in NYC? My own doctor apparently isn't
doing bloodwork in her office anymore, they're sending people out to other
clinics or something.
So I'd wind up spending money I really would prefer not to spend-
especially since I don't actually have it.
Any suggestions, again? Someone said there should be some kind of Hep C
or AIDS/HIV clinic where they do really cheap bloodtests and stuff, but I
don't know of any off the top of my head, so if anyone with knowlege of the
Apple knows where in it to get this done, so I have the liver tests results
in my hand before this weekend, I'd appreciate it.
Peace and love to all,

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