bloodwork suggestions?

Preston Peet ptpeet at
Mon Aug 16 19:13:17 EDT 2004

HI all,
    Quick question as I skim my mail- anyone have any suggestions on an easy
way to get bloodwork done, cheaply, in NYC? My own doctor apparently isn't
doing bloodwork in her office anymore, they're sending people out to other
clinics or something.
    So I'd wind up spending money I really would prefer not to spend-
especially since I don't actually have it.
    Any suggestions, again? Someone said there should be some kind of Hep C
or AIDS/HIV clinic where they do really cheap bloodtests and stuff, but I
don't know of any off the top of my head, so if anyone with knowlege of the
Apple knows where in it to get this done, so I have the liver tests results
in my hand before this weekend, I'd appreciate it.
Peace and love to all,

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