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Mon Aug 16 06:32:51 EDT 2004

Forgive me while I rant. I'm talking to my 19 year old son yesterday and he 
describes his friend to me. "He was nodding, you know how you get, and I woke 
him up because he was twitching and I was worried about him. Well, he woke up 
and got all pissed at me and yelled at me."This kid is 19 years old and he 
thinks its cool to be addicted. Whats worse is my son isn't but he thinks that he 
has to protect this dude because of me. My son knows no other way. He's been 
around addiction all of his life and he has been blessed, or cursed, I don't 
which, with an extreme amount of heart. I'm glad that these pages don't run when 
they get wet. Does my boy deserve this? Hell no. But he is dealing with what 
he has been dealt with. Addiction aint no joke. Ibogaine aint no joke either. 
I'm a little bit older then most of the people who post here I think, so my 
inclination is to want to protect everybody's feeling and shit, but I think it 
is time to let it be said. You guys who got dosed, and yea damn it I'm envious, 
don't forget someone helped you. Pass it on. My dose will come when its spost 
to. I really glad that Sean got his. Its great to see your post. You can 
almost feel the wisdom you have gained Sean. When I get mine I'm going to the 
Oxycontin capital of the world. Eastern KY. Altho I hear there is heroin down 
there now. I don't know if I will be able to get anyone dosed but I can sure as 
hell hip them to the facts.  Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow          
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