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I really don't think a public ibogaine list is the place to rant about 
Patrick.  That is what private email is for.  I have never to my knowledge met 
Patrick.  I was treated by an underground ibogaine project which is planning to 
continue to provide ibogaine treatment at a low price in a safe way in America.  
So people don't have to leave the county or have a huge financial obstacle in 
their way to being treated.  I was one of many treated in this project.  I 
guess this is a good moment to say that this project is not going away.  There 
will another team coming into American City soon, and it will eventually wind 
it's way back to NY.  As I said, I don't know Patrick really, except form this 
list, and seems to me like a great guy.  But this really is much bigger than 
Patrick, as I am sure he will acknowledge.

Chill man!

PS Was the English and style close enough to standard English to accommodate 
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