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T. W. tzw2020 at
Sun Aug 15 22:15:41 EDT 2004

	I've been reading this list for a long time because in spite of the outbursts
and craziness it has more information about ibogaine and what is happening
right now then any other resource that exists. The fact that its live, not
censored or moderated is strength and weakness. it makes it hard to find
something between 200 messages of something else but at least nothing is ever
removed or kept off it. 

	Patrick what I would say to you are afew things and I'll start at the top and
work my way down. For someone who never knows anything about anything, it looks
like you know almost everything. What do you do with your knowledge? You helped
your friend Preston because you know it is the right thing to do. You helped
him. You can answer it any way that you want but the truth doesn't change you
could help him so you did.

	What would your mom there, Dr. Mash do? Hang up on him the second she found
out he doesn't have any money or tell him to go steal it and then maybe give
him the time of day. What would mom do if she knew what you know? She'd call
the police and have everyone arrested and then throw a press conference about
how dangerous ibogaine is. That's exactly what she'd do and you know it.

	After this are your friends from Miami. This is a discussion that happened
some months ago where Marc Emery told you that your friend's behave like
assholes who have no social graces when you stood up for whoever 'shcmoolyboy'
is and said he knew what he was talking about. Reading his ecg message that he
posted yesterday or the day before I'd agree, he does look like he knows what
he's talking about even if knowing how to spell isn't one of his skills and
that brings up two topics.

	Whatever all of you know and I don't in any way dispute that you, mommy,
shcmoolyboy whatever collection of high IQ sociopathic psychos work with
ibogaine where you're at, know what they're talking about but all of you are
past arrogant. You're not nice people, you don't communicate in ways that
reasonable human beings use to communicate. It's almost like the only thing
anyone there understands is power, wether that means lawyers, knowledge,
pulling a gun on someone I don't know. There is no kindness to anyone. 

	The other thought is if there is all this knowledge about ibogaine and why
exactly it is dangerous and then how to prevent it, but nobody will share it
with anyone, then what's that say about all of you? Your ego or money is more
important then people's lives. There isn't any other message there.

	I'm writing it to you Patrick, I've written you before and get no reply so
here it all is. If your Darth Vader on acid, great. If your manic depressive or
crazy, great. If you do whatever you do, good for you. You also communicate
better then almost anyone I've ever seen. You are gifted with words. You
represent ibogaine, you keep running this list and mindvox, I'm sure that
doesn't make your mom happy. 

	Your a decent person who cares about other people and helps them even if its
not what anyone your around would want you to do. Those are your actions.

	Can't you do something with Mash? It's obvious that she loves you, you love
her, whatever your weird relationship, I'm sure you have a better chance of
having her listen then anybody else, nothing else has done anything. You
communicate better then almost anyone I've ever seen or heard, I'm saying it to
you again. So communicate to her.

	What about people like Preston? I don't have any questions about what you'd
do, youve already shown it. I also have this thought that probably you have a
lot of friends who get help somewhere and it's not st. kitts. Why don't you
dose everyone in Miami with ibogaine or lsd, anything. Remind them that they're
part of the human race too. I don't mind Darth Vader on Acid, your a complex
mess. It adds character. People listen to you, communicate to them, please.

	I have a open heart and mind to Darth Vader on acid. 

	But not for George Bush and those like him. I'm not finding a open heart or
mind to the emperor either even if that's your mom.

	I also don't have any questions about why you've done ibogaine 15 times or
keep hitting yourself with entheogens. You have to keep reminding yourself
don't you. Otherwise you'd turn into them.

       I don't know if you gave a complete or honest answer to the chaos
conversations but here are you own words back to you Patrick:

>> On Aug 8, 2004, at 7:18 AM, Vector Vector wrote (quoting Peter Carroll):
>>Magic is a force, like electromagnetism, and has no inherent moral 
>This is wrong.  Energy has resonance, and sentience.  It's not plugging 
>into an A/C outlet.  You cannot touch, rearrange, and affect anything; 
>without, in turn, being touched, rearranged, and affected by it.
>Nothing you put out, does its thing and sails off into the event horizon.
>Everything is mirrored, amplified, and reflected right back at you.
>Whatever you're resonating with, is alive.  It has awareness, sentience,
>and intent.  It's a cool idea to figure out what your intent is, or...
>instead of being elevated by it, you're gonna go down in it.
>Whatever "it" happens to be for you.

	Teach that to the people around you. Try, please.

With respect and gratitude,

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