[ibogaine] shameless self announcement

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Sun Aug 15 20:34:05 EDT 2004

Thanks for sharing Dave, I've actually been checking out your art at Mindvox
lately too.
    Went out and had vegan food tonight-delicious, incredible,
can't-even-tell-if-you-didn't-already-know-it-was-vegan food.
    THen I go work on a film set tomorrow out on Coney Island.
    I am excited to be doing so.
    This is significant as I've been asking agents for the last two years at
least- is the job in the city- when called as I really hate going out and
being at the whim of a film crew away from my pills- but that's no longer
the case appparently.
    Hope it's a nice day tomorrow- I could use a real nice beach day.
    Hope all are well.
Just checking in.
Peace and love,
(been keeping incredibly busy, and I'm now exhausted and feeling the dancing
and moving around I've been doing, but it's kinda nice to feel it, somewhat

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> in tribute to the recent iboganeers:
> www.gammalyte.com (volume helps)
> -don't ask what/how/why, it just IS. IT will disappear and re-appear
> somewhere else, some other time, maybe, but i thought this appropriate
> for 2-day
> and, like, well, since the business ends of this aren't even done yet,
> i guess this isn't really spam, but just some of my art:
> www.gammalyte.com/gamma2004/gallery/gamma_01.shtml
> (watch framejammer force it back into site frames... neato).
> disclaimer: the chrome tube may be mind-altering. Whatever you do,
> don't roll your mouse over it. and for god's sake don't even think of
> clicking if you do. Proceed at your own risk.
> _.dh
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