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shelley krupa skrupa20022002 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 15 17:47:39 EDT 2004

Hi List,hope youre all doing well,hanging on at 10 weeks post ibo/opiates myself -STILL NO cravings!!YES!!Hey a friend of mine in SF area is looking to get healed form her habit ,any ideas there in that area?She is thinking of doing buprenex for lack of better ideas,going the traditional route if nothing better pops up.I love rading about you fresh post ibonauts,it refreshes my memory,in fact this list has been my god send for the mundane stuff post ibo ,thanks!-shell

UUSEAN at aol.com wrote:
Hi Howard,

This year had been a watershed year in a long crack addiction.  Burnt out on NA and 12 step impatients and outpatients, I basically just surrendered..to my addiction.  So disgusted with my life, I took eighty from NY to San Fran with one day pereperation.  I had a good union gig, not one i liked much..burt really well paying.  I put ton for a leave of absence..and took off.

As some of my previous posts explained I spent the entire month of May homeless and strung out in SF.  I had first started using H ease the crack crash, and then fellin love with it..especially speedballs.

Anyway,,,press ahead.  I take a Greyhound back to NY, my partner of seven years finally have me the final have ho, and...my parents took me in.  I went back to work,
but kept getting high.

I detoxed off of everything in June, which is when I found this list.  I stated harm reduction therapy.  An angel hooked me up with the amazing ibo underground...
I really wanted to stay clean..but used dope again mid July...had been chipping to point of my treatment.   The last time I used previously to treatment was last Saturday...so I went into the experience entirely clean for six days.

Long answer to a short question....can't seem to brief on the second day!

Listening to African and world beat..watching the rain, reflceting....it's all good right now.

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