[ibogaine] ibo 2 or not 2

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Sun Aug 15 17:29:18 EDT 2004


Your dilemma is clear, which isn't to say very comfortable. Expenses and
availability issues make these sessions difficult to obtain. You want the
I. to peel back the high use levels your addiction has reached, so 
another session with I. will make the next visit to your connection far
less expensive and dangerous for your overall health. Is that about it?
You still "love" shooting up, being high on dils, or other opiates, and
staying pain free? Lots of desire there.

I agree you should do another session, but clean out your garbage, and
tidy up the temple before you invite the Goddess back for a revisit. There
are some physical benefits to I. that are wonderful. It seems to dredge
the lymphatics and clear the liver and kidney somehow dramatically during
a session. Plugs opiate receptors, amps up the sensory nerve powers,
decreases inflammation, and rebuilds the will.  What's not to love?

Thing is, there are herbs, nutrients, foods and home procedures that
accomplish those changes too. Getting free from pain really involves
healing up the damaged tissue causing the pain, not killing the messenger
with the proper level of opiate or drug to mask it. Lose the mask by no
hit available, and all the pain is there still(and it's Pissed!). If you
can remove the dental infections,do it. Garlic and Peroxide are cheap.
Clean out your kidney and bowel with sensible choices in reach around you,
move your body and mind with some exercises and objectives to strengthen
you. Prepare yourself by taking out this garbage, and your revisit with
Bwiti will open possibilities for growth and change way past the level of
these 3-D healing repairs.

Your concerns and perceptions in what you write suggest you know of these
spiritual dimensions. Your ibo time will be more rewarding if you get over
there more with Bwiti and your guides, and they are less distracted by
having to help you clean your 3-D bedroom.  This is just my opinion, of
course. Do a cleanse, heal up all the causes of that pain, step along
through the gift of this strength and clarity. Go back to your Ibo 2.0
with a little room in your teacup, so to speak. And have a good voice
activated tape recorder next time!

Happy trails,....Dr. Tom

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