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Sun Aug 15 15:46:00 EDT 2004

Hi Howard,

This year had been a watershed year in a long crack addiction.  Burnt out on 
NA and 12 step impatients and outpatients, I basically just surrendered..to my 
addiction.  So disgusted with my life, I took eighty from NY to San Fran with 
one day pereperation.  I had a good union gig, not one i liked much..burt 
really well paying.  I put ton for a leave of absence..and took off.

As some of my previous posts explained I spent the entire month of May 
homeless and strung out in SF.  I had first started using H ease the crack crash, 
and then fellin love with it..especially speedballs.

Anyway,,,press ahead.  I take a Greyhound back to NY, my partner of seven 
years finally have me the final have ho, and...my parents took me in.  I went 
back to work,
but kept getting high.

I detoxed off of everything in June, which is when I found this list.  I 
stated harm reduction therapy.  An angel hooked me up with the amazing ibo 
I really wanted to stay clean..but used dope again mid July...had been 
chipping to point of my treatment.   The last time I used previously to treatment 
was last Saturday...so I went into the experience entirely clean for six days.

Long answer to a short question....can't seem to brief on the second day!

Listening to African and world beat..watching the rain, reflceting....it's 
all good right now.

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