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Don't know if you are familiar with Uwe Maas and Süster Strubelt's page on 
Bwiti music and iboga.  Maas and Strubelt propose that music changes 
phramacology.  Sounds good.  There are also so interesting Bwiti mp3 clips on the page.  
Music in the Iboga initiation ceremony in Gabon: Polyrhythms supporting a 

The page also contains great images.

Or go to the links section of the Ibogaine Dossier 
http://www.ibogaine.org/links.html and find the link.

Glad you love V.  She obviously loves you.  Important that you also love you.


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<< Curtis, you asked >How are you doing right now a few days out of it?<

At first when dusk first settled in last night, I felt like I might once

again be seeing trails, but it quickly faded away.

    Then I went out to the Slipper Room very late, at around 1:30AM or so,

where V dj's every Saturday. I still wasn't trippy really at all, UNTIL I

took over on the cd decks- boy oh boy there is really something magical

about music, that I know but always seem to forget if I'm not careful, and

it sets me right the heck off.

    I was full on seeing designs and trails again, off things like curtains

on stage, and off dancing drunk maniacs (in the good sense of that word). I

also felt happier and constructive simply playing and mixing.

    I had a lurch in my great, golden mood last night, and threw myself into

a real funk about it. My initial reaction was to think, "ok, where the hell

did V put my morphine," but amazingly, and I know it's only been a few days

so everything is still fresh and new and seems as though it should at least

be easier, I did NOT go lookin' for the bottle, I got dressed, did my makeup

and such, and got the hell out of the apartment instead and did something

focused and positive instead of retreating and withdrawing into that state

of "I don't wanna feel anything at all" that I usually am so ready to

retreat to.

    And it was a great idea to do so, to get the heck out and interact with

other people and with my music.

    Really, I am reacting and thinking very differently, but still, I'm

feeling still nervous about the whole pain meds thing.

You asked me Curtis, why I don't just stay away from the dilaudids entirely.

The problem is that while the ms-contins are great, crushed, for hitting the

pain within an hour of taking them, if I were to take them whole, they eek

out relief over the whole 12 hours way too slowly to help me deal with the

pain. So I'd like the option of being able to eat a dilaudid when I

absultely need immediate-ish relief and then take the ms-contins on

schedule, uncrushed and as ordered.

    Things seem to be working out.

    I'm in a good space today.

    V wrote me the wisest most beautiful mail this morning after I went to

bed, encouraging me and letting me know how happy she herself is with the

way things are progressing, that she fully supports another session and no

matter what she loves me.

    What a great note to read first thing in the morning- to quote an


>You're doing so well --Just  keep focused on all the other things you've


busy with since your trip and the right time will present itself to you when

its right - remember " a Wizard is never early or late -he arrives precisely

when he intends too"-(Gandolph) =Ibogaine being the wizard -you being the


    Your enthusiasm is great - Keep it up , but beware of Jealous energy

vampires who can become enviousof your happiness with your new outlook-<

God damn I love this lady. Have I already said that?

Peace and love all, gotta go out and do busy stuff now.


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> Preston how are you doing bro? I didn't get the

> chance to feel that big reset that you're talking

> about I was already clean for a long time before

> I ever did ibo for the first time. I didn't even

> know what it was until I found this list and

> even that was by accident when I was searching

> through old domains and seeing what happened to

> phantom and it led here :-)


> Between what you, Patrick and Dave and whoever

> I forgot have said, ibogaine is doing a reset

> on you even if you do much more drugs before

> it instead of doing less, which I what I thought.


> How are you doing right now a few days out of it?


> Patrick, I really like the Keeping Clean section,

> it keeps growing and you never post any updates ;-)

> What am I saying, that would ruin the charm of

> this place ;-) One thing I would say to you bro

> is that you're printing some of Stanton Peels

> articles, he sues people for doing that. If you

> look at his site there is a 5 paragraph long

> legal warning at the bottom of every page you

> may want to include something else even if I

> really like what he has to say.


> Love the treatment section :-)


> Preston why not stay away from the dils if you

> know they are what lead you to trouble and stick

> with the oxy?


> Peace out

> Curtis >>

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