[ibogaine] ibogaine and pain/Sean

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Sun Aug 15 10:50:55 EDT 2004

Thanks Julian,
    Yes, it's a good idea and will do even more wonders I'm sure, in some
ways and others too.
Peace and love to all, and to Sean, who we will hopefully be hearing good
things from soon, or at least a hello and such.
    Sean, we're thinking good strong thoughts your direction from here.

Peace and love,

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Regarding doing another session this soon, I would say it is fine. The
problem I see is you are not secure and confident about it. You seem to be
wondering Preston IF it is a good idea. Of course it is a good idea IF you
believe it to be beneficial. It doesn't seem to me that you do. I think you
need to figure this part out first. By the way, I'm doing my session on the
27th. I could have done it on the 20th, but I have other plans for that day.
I think it is with the same provider as you had. Anyway, work out your
beliefs Preston because there is no 'book' or set rules on this. We write
the rules as we go along. If you believe in doing this now, then do it. If
you are not sure, I'd work that out first.

Regards man,


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