crownofthorns at crownofthorns at
Sun Aug 15 04:37:52 EDT 2004

Preston how are you doing bro? I didn't get the 
chance to feel that big reset that you're talking 
about I was already clean for a long time before 
I ever did ibo for the first time. I didn't even 
know what it was until I found this list and 
even that was by accident when I was searching 
through old domains and seeing what happened to
phantom and it led here :-)

Between what you, Patrick and Dave and whoever 
I forgot have said, ibogaine is doing a reset 
on you even if you do much more drugs before 
it instead of doing less, which I what I thought. 

How are you doing right now a few days out of it? 

Patrick, I really like the Keeping Clean section, 
it keeps growing and you never post any updates ;-) 
What am I saying, that would ruin the charm of 
this place ;-) One thing I would say to you bro 
is that you're printing some of Stanton Peels 
articles, he sues people for doing that. If you 
look at his site there is a 5 paragraph long 
legal warning at the bottom of every page you 
may want to include something else even if I 
really like what he has to say.

Love the treatment section :-) 

Preston why not stay away from the dils if you
know they are what lead you to trouble and stick
with the oxy?

Peace out

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