[ibogaine] third report/booster-congrats

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Fri Aug 13 19:22:32 EDT 2004


Thanks for the ongoing narrative and congratulations for getting to the
Holodeck for yourself. Regarding bowel management, pain relief, and
recovery of your strength, please don't view these issues as failures in
OTC or prescription pharmacology. I hope Bwiti showed you what the
ancestor team thinks about you donating your vitality to short term
burnouts. Contrary to some attitudes expressed on this list, that ancestor
team cares more about hippie junkies than they usually do about
themselves. That's the point. Even calling ibogaine a drug must bug Bwiti
on whatever personal pride level She/He dwells.

For the bowel comfort, drink a glass of water with 1/2 teaspoon of Epsom
Salts every couple of hours until you get the release you need. Right
after you are up and re-entering, say hours 36-48, use a hot bath soak
with 1 cup each of Baking Soda and Epsom Salts in it to soak away some of
those kinks and muscle aches. 3 or more of these hot soaks a day for a few
days will help your post ibo and post opiate body do relaxation and less
pain, more easily.

You had asked about being able to smoke weed and manage symptoms with
other drugs before and after this. You can do whatever you want, that
being the heavan and hell of this free-will thang called life. What ibo
brought to the table for me is that seeking fun, comfort, health and
happiness through any drug is like looking through the wrong side of your
binoculars to see things closer up, or pounding in loose nails with your
new laptop. Bwiti wasn't putting down drugs as bad, nor did She put me
down from any moralistic or pious perspective, it was just shown those
wonderful results are not what drugs can provide.

I can't presume anyone else would get the same message from a session with
the ibo team that I did, but a similar result has been described by
junkies who I have facilitated with ibo. After where they go and what they
experience with this experience, the routine, habitual self destruction of
their preferred drug is just too boring and predictable, too much of a
waste of time to hold as much of a glamor for them again. Remember when
the phrase, "no thanks, I get high on life" was the straight comeback to
an offered toke, or drink?  Well, now I can frame that for me now. Sober,
non-high is both higher and lower than being stoned or "high". I don't
want to get%2

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