[ibogaine] Question for those in the know

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Yeah Howard, yer totally spot on the money here, these are all the points I
was thinking when saying it's all relative.
Peace and love,

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> >I wrote >I've been hearing from one or two folk very recently that I am
> >the ONE
> >
> >success story so far with the ibogaine treatments here, that everyone has
> >
> >wound up back out buying dope.<
> >
> >
> >
> >HI all,
> >
> >    I spoke way too soonly here. I was speaking on the words of someone
> >who really didn't know what he was talking about, because for one thing,
> >success is all relative and harm REDUCTION is very damned imp[ortant,
> >is what has been happening in many cases, and for another, I am NOT the
> >only one the guerillas are considering a success, which makes me very
> >to hear and know.
> >
> >SO please disregard my claims of specialhoodedness.
> How many people were treated?
> How many people did not go through withdrawal?
> How many people had their withdrawal reduced?
> How many people reduced their drug intake?
> How many people feel more comfortable with themselves in their drug taking
> situation?
> How many people feel better about themselves?
> How many people have changed the route of their drug take, ie. oral rather
> than iv, etc.?
> How many people are not using...which drugs?
> How many people have not been followed up on?
> Howard
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