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Don't know about the rest of you, but I do tend to look up to Daniel
Pinchbeck for having gotten a contract from a publisher to travel the world
taking seriously heavy psychedelic drugs and writing about it.
That said, now that I've done it myself, I wish I'd had my own ibogaine
piece ready to use when putting this together.
Anyway, thought I'd share the contents of the book Under the Influence- the
Disinformation Guide to Drugs with you all. This was a LOT of work, and I
did a lot of it completely off my face stoned.
    The point of my telling you that is because I try to live every second
of my life proving how Stupid and Fucked Up the War on Some Drugs and Users
really honestly is-and if I could be doing the amounts of serious opiates
I've been doing up till recently and still put together such a tight and
varied collection of work of my own and others too, well, suffice it to say
that the war is wronghead and stupid.
Peace and love,

[SECTION TITLE] Table of Contents

[SECTION HEAD]-Know You're Right

1- Imagining a Post-Prohibition World-by Phil Smith

2- Chemical Bigotry-by Mary Jane Borden

3- On Cognitive Liberty-by Richard Glen Boire, Esq.

4- In the DEA's Line of Fire: Ayahuasca: Visionary Vine of the Amazon-by
Peter Gorman

5- Is All Use Abuse?-by Craig Morris

6- The Last Word on Drugs-by Jules Siegel

[SECTION HEAD] II-Drug Enforcement and Prohibition

7- Nixon Tapes Pot Shocker-by Mike Gray

8- Prohibition is Treason-by Dan Russell

9- Where Has All The Acid Gone?-Ryan Grim

10- The Gang That Couldn't Grow Straight-By Michael Simmons

11- Tales of a Recovering Drug Warrior-by Eric Sterling

12-  Kicking Out the Demons by Humanizing the Experience- an Interview with
Anthony Papa-by Preston Peet

13- Frying Pans and Fires: Forcible Medication, Medical Marijuana, and the
of Control-By Heidi Lypps

14- End Prohibition Now-by Jack Cole

15- Perceptions of Race, Class and America's War on Drugs-By Clifford
Wallace Thornton

16- An End to Marijuana Prohibition- by Ethan A. Nadelmann

[SECTION HEAD] III-Reform and Politics

17- Rainbow Farm and Beyond: The Green Panthers Prepare for Civil War-By
Cletus Nelson

18- A War on Sanity-by Paul Campos

19- Marijuana Will Never Be Legal as Long as Most Pot-Smokers Are Apathetic
Airheads-by Steven Wishnia

20- Seeking Peace in the War on Drugs-by Ethan Nadelmann

21- The D.A.R.E. Generation vs. the H.E.A.-by Abby Baire

22- Medical Marijuana Mom: A Maryland Patient Tells Her Story-by Erin

23- Strategizing to Beat State Drug-Reform Initiatives in the U.S. Capitol -
Yeah, the One with the Dome-By Daniel Forbes

[SECTION HEAD] IV-War on Foreign Shores

24- Who Takes Responsibility for Thailand's Bloody Drug War 'Victory'?-By
Preston Peet

25- Drugs, Oil and War: Preface-by Peter Dale Scott

26- Hashish & the War on Terror-Drugs in Uniform-by Ron Jacobs

27- Afghanistan: Drug War Yields to Terror War as Rumsfeld Glad-Hands Drug
Dealing Warlords-by Phil Smith

28- Plan Colombia: The Pentagon's Shell Game-by Peter Gorman

29- Between Dyncorp and the A.U.C.-Glyphosate and Paramilitary Terror in
Colombia's Cimitarra Valley-by Bill Weinberg

[SECTION HEAD] V-Drug War Economics

30- US Cocaine 'Lord' Faces Challenge; Monopoly Game-by Cynthia Cotts

31- "America's Heroin Crisis, Colombian Heroin and How We Can Improve Plan
Colombia": Government Reform Committee, US House of Representatives,
December 12, 2002-Transcribed by Sanho Tree

32- Narcodollars for Beginners: How the Money Works in the Illicit Drug
Trade: Parts I, II-By Catherine Austin Fitts33- Can you tell me how you are
going to save the [poppy seed] bagel? Hemp Industries Association v. the
Drug Enforcement Administration-by Adam Eidinger and Zoe Mitchell

[SECTION HEAD] VI-Facts and Propaganda

34- Exaggerating MDMA's Risks to Justify A Prohibitionist Policy-by Rick
Doblin, Ph.D.

45- An Anatomy of Failure: The Drugs-and-Terror Ad Campaign-by Paul

36- White Lines: Sugar, How Sweet it Ain't-by Mickey Z.

37- Beyond Health and Safety - A hard look at really preventing drug
abuse-by Theo Rosenfeld

38- Marijuana vs. Cigarettes-by Paul Krassner

39- A Brief History of the War on Drugs-by Valerie Vande Panne

40- Oliver North: Still In Denial-by Preston Peet

41- How Rock 'n' Roll Fell Out of Love with Drugs- by Alan Travis and Sally
James Gregory

[SECTION HEAD] VII-For Medicinal Use

42- Does Treatment Work?-by Lonny Shavelson

43- Ten Years of Therapy in One Night-by Daniel Pinchbeck

44- Reckless Disregard-by Jay R. Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

45- Clinton, Freud and Clinical Cannabis-by Ethan Russo, M.D.

46- No Relief in Sight-by Jacob Sullum

47- Protecting Children-America's Real Drug Abuse Epidemic-by Sharon Secor

48- Czar Walters Stands on Methadone-by Doug McVay

49 Stanislav Grof interviewing Dr. Albert Hofmann at the Esalen Institute in
Big Sur, California, 1984-by Stanislav Grof

[SECTION HEAD] Appendix A-

Haircut: Trippin' Through a Day in the Life-by Preston Peet

Ketamine Dream-or Reality?-by Preston Peet

[SECTION HEAD] Appendix B-

Drug War Online Resources

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