[ibogaine] Question for those in the know

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Fri Aug 13 15:24:29 EDT 2004

>I agree with what you said about patience and not having any<

most every drug abusers, garbage head I've ever known has this patience
problem. I know I want everythingt just so NOW, not THEN but NOW.
    Maybe a walk to NYC from the Catskills would do you some good, but not
if yer coming to score of course, just for the scenic excercise.
    And be careful about that faith thing.
    I've been hearing from one or two folk very recently that I am the ONE
success story so far with the ibogaine treatments here, that everyone has
wound up back out buying dope.
    And, once again, I think, it boils down to not having aftercare/after
activities/distractions/something to do AFTER the ibogaine. I think I've
been lucky because I do have stuff to focus on, a lot of stuff that I've
been letting slide very badly this past year or two now. Plus I have someone
who loves me very much and likewise her, so I"m sorry to report, that from
my own somewhat removed perspective and while I could be wrong, no one has
yet kept away from the dope.
And even I'm using, but I'm using completely by choice my max of two a day
So is that a success? Yeah, I honestly think it is, a very big one. ANd I'm
so glad to have had this opportunity, I cannot stress enough how much glad I
Peace and love,
Preston (hold on Randy, things always work out- if I wait long enough,
utilizing that patience stuff we're most of us all so berift of.)
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Preston, thanx for that link. I have read that one some time ago and forgot
all about it. I agree with what you said about patience and not having any.
I'm sittin' in the Catskills thinking about walking to NYC in search of. But
I have something set up,(I hope?) for later and I must be patient and hold
my breath on a low dose of methadone. I've learned one thing and that is to
have a little faith and I got some so in the meantime I will live
vicariously thru you. Keep posting.     Randy

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