[ibogaine] kicking drugs with drugs- taking the left hand path

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this is phat Preston! All you are insane. Whoever could The Mysterious
Voice dude person be?
for sure not the mysterious PK dude quoted allover the rest of your article
preston. right

theres my case, survival of the most fucked!


On Thu, 12 Aug 2004 20:05:22 -0700 Preston Peet <ptpeet at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
>Kicking Drugs with Drugs-
>Taking the Left Hand Path
>By Preston Peet
>For DrugWar.com
>Posted August 12, 2004
>"Hey dude, that phone call I've been wanting to make for two years
>finally being made, right here, right now," drawled the voice in
>my ear
>through the slightly bad cell phone connection at the Voice's end.
>"What phone call is that?" I asked, knowing pretty much exactly
>call it was and why he was so excited to be making it.
>"Watch for communications soon from another friend of ours," the
>almost giggling with glee. "He's gonna have a number for you to
>to get
>in touch with some folk doing underground, guerilla ibogaine treatments
>NYC, this coming August."
>Immediately I'm feeling all sorts of conflicting emotions. Because
>is, no more talking about wanting to do it, or wondering on this
>or that
>email list what the effects are and if it really, really does work
>interrupt or cure or help people get over a wide variety of addictions.
>it is here in my own city and I can get it at much cheaper rates
>were I
>to fly to some foreign country where it's either legal or simply
>regulated at all yet, how in the hell am I, a seasoned, proud proponent
>cognitive liberty and the free taking of powerful mind expanding
>veritable Drug Expert, Author and psychonaut, going to live it down
>if I
>chicken out and say, "oh, no thank you"?
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